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JULY 2020

HOW WE’VE MOVED CASES FORWARD DURING COVID-19 Working With Our Legal Community to Find Creative Solutions

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Since the pandemic broke out and our world shifted drastically to adapt, our priority at Chute, O’Malley, Knobloch & Turcy, LLC has been protecting the health and safety of our staff and clients while continuing to serve our clients and move their cases forward. It was an easy decision for our team to go remote, and we feel fortunate and proud of the fact that we have been able to keep all of our team members employed. Whereas other companies laid off or furloughed people, we looked at how we could keep everyone employed and safe through all of this. By the time the governor officially shut down our state, we had our staff set up to work remotely, so we didn’t miss a beat when it came to helping our clients. As we’ve started to reopen our office, we’ve made masks available to anyone who comes in and are taking all precautions necessary. When it comes to advancing cases through a pandemic, we’ve been faced with new challenges and opportunities to go above and beyond for the people we serve. We’ve gotten creative with how to move things forward, and we’ve worked with judges and defense attorneys to coordinate virtual trials. The courts have been closed in Illinois since March, and no trials will be held in Cook County until the end of 2020. We’ve had to navigate how to advance our clients’ interests without in-person trials. Soon after the health crisis struck, we started doing depositions over Zoom. We’ve also done mediations this way and worked with judges who are willing to do binding arbitrations via Zoom. My partner, Colin, just did a binding arbitration in front of a judge over Zoom on an auto accident case, and he’s also done a virtual mediation. Over the last couple months, I’ve done about a dozen depositions via Zoom.

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extraordinary times. Obviously, nothing is one- size-fits-all, and there are some cases that are better equipped to be handled remotely than others. But when it comes down to it, our job as advocates and representatives is to find creative solutions to our client’s problems. In times like this, you have to be creative and adapt so you can step up for others. Our clients depend on us to resolve their cases, and the importance of that position has only become more clear through all of this. The health crisis has hit everyone really hard in some way, whether it’s a client who can’t get the medical care they need because their physical therapy has been canceled or a client who lost their job and is now relying on us to resolve their case more quickly. We understand that our clients depend on us now more than ever, and that’s why we are doing everything possible to advance their cases. Know that we have your interests at the forefront of our minds, and we are hard at work to resolve your case. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you.


–Mike Knob loch

We are putting all of our efforts into advancing the ball on as many cases as we possibly can during these


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