Morning Glory Women's Network - November 2019

The Morning Glory WHAT IT MEANS TO ME AND THE FUTURE OF WOMEN IN DENTISTRY In the past 20 years of attending AAOMS (American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) meetings, I found the attendees to be mostly comprised of one gender: male. The 10% female oral surgeon statistic has not changed significantly over the past 20 years since my residency. I was usually assumed to be either a dental assistant or another oral surgeon’s wife or girlfriend. Going into an elevator filled with testosterone was uncomfortable and always made me feel that I didn’t belong. When my husband walked the convention floor with me, he was coveted by sales representatives and was joined by other oral surgeons into the conversation, despite the fact that my name stated “Dr. Cathy Hung, Fellow.” As a solo practitioner, I host a study club. I’ve found a large number of female practitioners in my area. When we have had events in the past, there was an unspoken understanding and comfort level among the female practitioners — a safe environment for us to share and



• • • •

2 slices sourdough bread 2 tbsp Dijon mustard

• •

2 tbsp leftover gravy 1 tbsp butter, room temperature

2 slices Swiss cheese

1/3 cup shredded leftover turkey

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have all the leftovers required.

• •

3 tbsp leftover cranberry sauce 1/3 cup leftover dressing or stuffing


1. Coat inside of each bread slice with mustard and a slice of cheese. Place turkey and cranberry sauce on one slice and dressing and gravy on the other. 2. Combine sandwich and spread butter on both sides. 3. In a panini maker or large skillet, grill until crispy and golden brown. 4. Slice and serve. Congratulations To our Outstanding Advisory Board Members Congratulations to our External Advisory Board member, Dr. Heidi Kohltfarber, Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, on being inducted as a Fellow in Academy of Dentistry International as well as International College of Dentistry at the 2019 ADA annual meeting. Dr. Kohltfarber is the owner of Dental Radiology Diagnostics. Contact her if you should need excellent radiology reports. Congratulations to our External Advisory Board member, Ms. Lisa Lieberman of “Fine to Fab,” a TED-speaker, serial- entrepreneur, and Tony Robbin’s Senior Leader, has been voted New Jersey’s TopWomen Entrepreneur of the Year!

interact. This year I’ve decided to name my study club “Morning Glory Women Dentists Network of New Jersey.”We had a launching event on June 8, 2019. It was well-received, and everyone got to speak on the microphone about their best attributes and their goals for the year.

Morning glory is a flower vine of pink and purple flowers that is abundant in Taiwan, my home country. This flower vine needs very little water to survive and blooms again after brief withering. In Chinese

Dr. Cathy Hung, Dr. Jeanne Chung and Dr. Joan Malcolm

layman terms, we call them“trumpet flowers.”To me, this flower vine symbolizes triumph, resiliency, connection, sisterhood, and strength.

My goals are to provide education and social networking events for women dentists in my area so they can form new friendships and grow as professionals and human beings. I am honored to be included in ADA’s Institute for Diversity in Leadership program, class 2019–2020. I hope to spin more ideas and design a program for women dentists in my area to strengthen our power and perhaps provide community outreach programs in the future.

This “Tales from the Dentist’s Chair” written by Dr. Y. Cathy Hung originally appeared in the AAWD’s Chronicle August 2019 edition.

We are so proud that Morning Glory has such accomplished women in leadership!


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