Crest Ink - Volume 27 - Number 02

Crest Ink

Consumer Products Research Growth by Gaven Meiners Volume 27 • Number 02 April, May & June 2015 Ashton, IL 61006

Mark Dempsey, Pam Furman, Holly Gleissner, Joyce Meiners, Mandi Kersten, Tom Windelborn

I am happy to announce that our Consumer Products research and development team has officially found a new home on Main Street here in Ashton. After outgrowing our previous lab, we moved into a new facility across the street this January. The facility is at least twice the size of our previous lab, and has become a lab that most compa- nies would only dream of. Before I talk about what the building has become, I want to briefly touch on what the building was. Locals might remember the building most as a barber shop, florist, or a laundry mat. While it is hard to believe, it was actually one of the first buildings Crest Foods ever owned. It became very clear to me when walking through the demolition with my grandmother, Delores Meiners, that this building is more than just a structure. It is literally where we got

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