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The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but, when it comes to the extravagant gifts, the pricey trips to visit relatives and the opulent meals on the table can also be a hit to the wallet. That’s why, with Christmas right around the corner, I’m using this newsletter to give you an early gift: tips on how to optimize your marketing without spending more money. Really, when you get down to it, this isn’t a gift from me — it’s a gift you can give yourself. The goal of every ophthalmology clinic should be figuring out how to get more patients through the door without overspending on paid traffic, and the perfect place to start is with your website. In my experience, all of the nation’s biggest, most successful ophthalmology clinics have five elements on their websites. Simply replicate all five and watch your conversion rates and patient lead volume. 1. PATIENT-CENTRIC COPY: SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE Back in the October newsletter, I talked about Donald Miller’s philosophy of story branding and how every ophthalmologist should see themselves as Yoda (the guide), not Luke (the hero). Well, the same principle stands for your copy. Far too many LASIK practices position themselves as the heroes on their websites, discoursing on their successful procedures, awards, and reputations. In contrast, a successful website is patient -centric. Its copy answers these questions for every visitor: “Am I in the right place? Can I trust you? Will you give me the result I want?” WITH A CLICK When I say, “Have an online scheduler,” I don’t just mean you need to provide an appointment request form. If you want more patients in your stream of organic and paid web traffic to come in, you need to make it easy for them to schedule their appointment with a click. There are plenty of third-party options worth exploring if your current software doesn’t offer this feature. Give people the ability to commit to a specific date and time, and you’ll reduce 2. AN ONLINE SCHEDULER: CONVERT

friction in your conversion process, turning more leads into patients. 3. PRICING OPTIONS: GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT Nearly 30% of online searches in the U.S. relating to LASIK include the word “cost” in the search terms. That means patients already know what the procedure involves and how it works — what they care about it how much it costs. To optimize your website, you need to make it effortless for patients to request your pricing or access it in exchange for opting in to your mailing list. You don’t have to list your exact prices but make sure there is a “Price” button on your front page leading to actionable information, like your payment plan and request form. 4. A RETARGETING PIXEL: FOLLOW THE LEAD We live in a world full of distractions vying for people’s attention, so your best bet for a conversion is to play the long game. In short, do everything you can to make sure potential patients don’t forget about you. A retargeting pixel allows you to continue the conversation with the prospective patient by serving them an ad on sites like Facebook 5. A LEAD MAGNET: CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION When someone visits your website, you only have a limited amount of time to grab their attention. One way to do that — and continue the conversation — is with a lead magnet like a PDF download, info kit, or self-test. Put that front and center on your website behind an opt-in requirement, and your odds of conversion will go up. If you’d like an expert opinion on your website, look no further. LASIK Marketing Agency offers free website audits, and I’d be happy to look over your site personally. Call me directly at 206-437- 0529, or visit us online at LasikMarketingAgency. com today. – Michael King 1 206-437-0529 and Instagram that are relevant to their initial search. Short videos, like the “Top 10” clips that I discussed in last month’s newsletter, are perfect for moving them down that buying path.


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“The goal of every LASIK surgeon should be figuring out how to get more patients through the door without overspending on paid traffic, and the perfect place to start is with your website.”

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