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At the Riceville Fair

Some classic tractors and their drivers showed they could still put in a good day’s haul during the Antique Tractor Pull at the fair Sunday afternoon. —photo Danic Legault

The Riceville Fair has come and gone, but the memories of a of a fun-filled weekend remain. As in previous years, hundreds of people converged to the little village to take part in the many activities organized by the Riceville Agricultural Society. Below, a glimpse of this weekend as captured by our cameras. Firefighters fromall over the region dragged dummy “victims”, took aimwith high-pressure hoses, and pushed themselves in other fire-fighting simulation techniques in the Firemen’s Challenge. —photo Danic Legault

Is your truck tough enough? A lot of local drivers were ready and willing to pit their pickups against the deadweight drag in the annual truck pull competition at the Riceville Fair. —photo Danic Legault

16 au 18 septembre 2016

Hôte du Circuit Hommes Forts professionnel 2016 et du Championnat canadien d’hommes forts de 2017

Festival de la Bine de plantagenet

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