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A LABOR OF LOVE This Is Farming

wines that balance power and ripeness with finesse and structure. Oak Knoll is also famous for its clay loam, a soil particularly well-suited to grape growing. When you have land this good, you have a responsibility to treat it right. Throughout the season, we carefully remove leaf covering and drop fruit. Dropping fruit is the process by which the less exceptional grapes are cut from the vine, leaving only the best to come to full ripeness. This ultimately lowers yields, but it allows the vine to focus on producing the best possible grapes at harvest. Dozens of little decisions like this result in a wine worth savoring. You can bet industrial wineries, who always keep an eye on the bottom line, aren’t dropping fruit. After all, more grapes means more wine. Our philosophy isn’t one of more being better, but rather one of putting the wine first. At every turn, we listen to our grapes and treat them with respect. We’re out in the vineyards multiple times per week, even every day during certain times of the year. We tend our vines by hand and never compromise in our farming practices. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and we want you to remember our pudding long after the last sip is gone.

As a consumer, it’s easy to forget that wine is an agricultural product because it’s been prized for millennia. However, when you are in the business of making wine, you are reminded nearly every day that you’re in the business of farming. Tending the vines with love and care isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that never stops being rewarding. While I’m writing this article, we’re dealing with a late rainy season here in the Napa Valley. The rain itself isn’t cause for major concern, but, if we get hail in the first weeks after the buds break, berries can be stripped off the vines. Issues like these are a near- daily occurrence when you’re growing wine grapes. Making the highest quality wine starts with being in tune with your surroundings. Lucky for us, we are in a breathtakingly beautiful environment. Kelly Family Vineyards is located in the historic Oak Knoll District of the Napa Valley. The vineyards, which have been in our family since 2012, are on the western edge of the valley floor, providing consistent sun. We benefit from cool air from the mountains, which leads to large swings between daytime and nighttime temperatures. These variances, known as diurnal temperatures, allow us to produce

When you share a wine with somebody or give them a bottle as a gift, you want it to tell a story. Great wine tells the story of the land and the hands that made it. Our wines tell the story of our family, the Kelly Family, and our gorgeous land in Napa Valley. As a fellow Kelly, we want to give you the opportunity to share and take part in that story. Wouldn’t you want to hand your customers and colleagues a wine you can fully stand behind? Ours is a wine with meaning, and that meaning comes in part from our careful farming efforts. Go to to get on our allocation list or to learn more about our story, our land, and our appreciation of Kellys nationwide.

Gene Kelly


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