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Cell Doctor News Why I Avoid Stock Photos (And Why Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize in Literature) Vol. IV OCT 2018 CellularMedicineAssociation.org Improve Healing and Profits With Cellular Medicine A Newsletter of the Cellular Medicine Association 1-888-920-5311

T he most dangerous thing may be not criticism but applause. If you love the applause, you start to freeze for fear that the next thing you do will not bring applause. On the other hand, it’s helpful to turn inward and think, “What would I do for this patient if she were my mother?” or ask, “What would I do for this patient if William Osler would be reviewing my chart?” or consider, “What would I do for this patient if this would be the last patient I see, and after today I must do something else for a living?” If you would like to be a better physician, read Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet.” If you would like to dive fearlessly and tirelessly into the art of medicine, then listen to Bob Dylan’s acceptance speech for his Nobel Prize. (You can hear it here: CellularMedicineAssociation.org/Dylan.) If you do those things, then you will know why I seldom use stock photos on any of my websites (I have over 100 websites). If you read Rilke and listen to Dylan, you’ll feel less of a need to have multiple “before and after” photos on your website. It’s odd that not so long ago, physicians only had a small sign on the door of their offices, nothing more. “Before and after” photos were considered unethical. I have not had any signs on my door at all since I went cash-only (no insurance) in 2003 as an internist in a very small town. I’m not saying that you need to take down your sign (though you may be more successful if you do). I am simply suggesting that you devour the research, make thoughtful notes about what you learn from both your patients and the research, and decide what’s true. Then, you should share what you learned with your patients, which may bring you even more patients who appreciate what you do than a large sign depicting “before and after” photos would — it is not the responsibility of your patient to know what you know. In the past two months, we’ve appeared in NewBeauty magazine for the O-Shot®, the Vampire Facial®, Vampire Hair™, and had

multiple research studies appear that support our ideas (my favorite being a paper that appeared in the October issue of Menopause supporting the O-Shot® for dyspareunia in women post breast cancer treatment (see CellularMedicineAssociation.org/breast_cancer). We were featured on multiple internet sites, including Rolling Stone, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and others in multiple countries. But, it’s best we pay less attention to the press and pay more attention to the people who we were not able to help and keep looking for ways to improve our procedures. Showing the benefits of a procedure is not enough. We should consider the variables of what we can combine with the procedures (devices and other injectables), location of injections, methods of preparing the blood-derived growth factors, ways to identify the patients who will benefit and the patients who won’t benefit, and determine how to enlarge the first group by perfecting the procedures.

The Cellular Medicine Association can finance some of this research, but our budget measures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What’s really needed for double-blind, placebo controlled, multi-centered studies would be measured in the millions. This newsletter, combined with our weekly webinars and regular emails, will keep you updated about how you can help and about the details of how your monthly fees are spent (believe me, with our support staff of 10 — including business consultants, fulfillment, and legal — there would be much more left over for me if I just saw patients all day). I hope you’ll at least glance at the topics covered each week in the webinar (you should receive a postcard most weeks), and please let us know if we can help you with your marketing, procedure methods, or research ideas. We also now have over 70 teachers with multiple specialties scattered around the world to offer hands-on coaching (CellularMedicineAssociation.org/teachers/ directory). To see more about what we’re doing, see our mother website CellularMedicineAssociation.org. If you would like more information about why you should take down your signs and replace stock photos with photos of you and your staff, visit CellularMedicineAssociation.org/Dylan. To get involved with our research, you can start by encouraging your patients to participate in the surveys on our O-Shot® and Priapus Shot® websites. You can see those when you log in to the membership sites. If you’re interested in diving deep into thinking independently and creating medical assets worth $250,000 or more over the next year (assets that heal people and grow your net worth), I recommend that you check out the info at CellularMedicineAssociation.org/mastermind. Peace & health,





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