Does the inside of your car smell awful? Here are five simple tips to make it smell good again. 5. CAR AIR FRESHENERS A variety of air fresheners with differ- ent scents are available in stores to make your car smell as fresh as a… Daisy? Strawberry? Pine tree? Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using them because strong perfume smells can be a source of discomfort for some people. Five ways to fight bad smells in your car 1. VENTILATION An way to

Rims and hubcaps: jazz up your car

Want to improve the look of your vehi- cle? There are a few ways you can do it; you can add a spoiler or stickers or give it a new paint job. That said, your car’s wheels also deserve to look their best. Read on to find out how new rims or hub- caps can give your vehicle a unique look. RIMS Rims are the round metal frames on which rubber tires are posed. They are usually made of one of the following materials: • aluminum alloy (good quality/price ratio) • sheet metal (not very attractive and thus requires the addition of a hubcap) • composite (a blend of metals with a high- end finish)

Many manufacturers make rims with styl- ish designs, colours or finishes (matte, mirror, etc.). If you want to add style and prestige to your car, new rims are worth the effort. Keep in mind that only a profes- sional can install them. HUBCAPS Hubcaps — also called centre caps, wheel caps or wheel covers — are specifically designed to enhance the look of your car. These plastic or metal accessories can be installed in a jiffy to make your wheels look great. Much less expensive than rims, a wide variety of hubcap designs are available in stores to make your car unique.

effective get rid of most bad odours in a vehicle is to open the doors for a few minutes or hours, depending on how bad the situation is. Make sure you keep an eye on your car the whole time, in case an animal or thief is tempted to have a look around. 2. WASH Are the smells in your vehicle caused by food or drink stains? Clean them as soon as possible with a product specifically designed for the type of covering (leather, vinyl or fabric). 3. BAKING SODA Does your car smell like cigarette smoke or gasoline? Before making an appoint- ment with a professional cleaner, try this tip: generously sprinkle the seats, floor and carpets with baking soda. Wait over- night, and then vacuum it all up the next morning. The smell is still there? It may need a professional cleaning. 4. ASHTRAY If you smoke in the car, wash your car’s ashtray with soap and warm water on a regular basis. Better still, avoid smoking while driving.

Try targeted cleaning and airing out your car to get rid of bad smells.

Stylish wheels give your car a much sleeker look.




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