JohnstonPT: 3 Simple Steps To Beat Aching Shoulders



NOTES FROM GRANT Hi everyone! Grant here, coming to you from Elevate P h y s i c a l Therapy. Things are progressing

pain, knee issues, foot pain, balance deficits, weakness, dizziness, neck or shoulder pain, headaches and jaw pain. We’ve found that physical therapy is not the same at every clinic and there is high variability in quality of care. We know that physical therapists are well-educated across the board, are capable of providing great care and are by-and-large excellent people. We feel that the unique systems in place at Johnston PT and Elevate PT allow us to care for people in a personal, effective way — this leads to quick recovery and excellent results! What I’m telling you is this: if someone you know has “failed PT”, tell them to check us out. If your advice allows a friend or love one to find relief from pain, we’ll all be happy: You’ll feel good for helping them, you won’t have to listen to their complaints anymore, they’ll get the results they’ve been looking for, and we’ll get to help another person with their recovery! In most cases, you or your loved ones can seek out physical therapy directly - no need to visit your doctor first. Professionals in physical therapy are able to identify and redirect care — if you may need to see a doctor, we can tell you that too! There are a lot of great things we can do for our patients, but central to our efforts is one main idea: our most valuable resource is you!

nicely here at the new clinic. We are ahead of our planned schedule and see that our growth has been very dependent on word-of-mouth referrals. This means we owe a BIGTHANK YOU to you all! Without the kind words of our current and past patients, our quick growth in Ankeny would not be possible. Along these lines, I want to make a huge request: KEEP TALKING ABOUT US! Physical therapy is a growing field and an important part of our healthcare system. This may seemobvious for many of you, but I want to clarify who might benefit from physical therapy. This is by nomeans an exclusive list, but we often hear misconceptions about when/why physical therapy may be indicated. People commonly understand that physical therapy is appropriate for people who have had surgery or broken a bone. But youmay not know that we treat anyone with pain due to an injury or accident, overactivity or even inactivity. We treat pain that has been long-term or that just started recently. We have specialists in our clinics that can help with back


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