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INSIDE: • How Physical Therapy Can Help My Neck Pain • Have You Thought About A Standing Desk?

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Stress-inducedneck pain isn’t rare. It also isn’t psychological. Many experts think stress-induced neck pain is caused by physical factors — low and constant trapezius muscle activity. If your neck pain starts at the base of your shoulders

Does your neck hurt? Do you experience headaches? You might be suffering from stress related pain — also called a tension headache. During times of stress or anxiety, muscles tense up. As muscle tension worsens, the back, shoulders and neck are all affected. The more pressure they cause, the more discomfort you get. Let’s take a closer look at stress-related neck pain. Is My Neck Pain Caused by Stress? Pain worsened by keeping your head in one place — like when you’re driving or using a computer — is neck-related pain. While neck pain has a slew of symptoms, its major symptoms reported by Mayo Clinic are: • Muscle tightness and spasms • Headaches • Decreased ability to move the head

and travels upward, it may be stress related. Causes of Stress-Related Neck Pain

While stress alone can trigger neck pain, a few factors can make it worse. Office environments tend to create neck pain problems — as they confine people to chairs, bad posture and little mobility. Driving often, too, can make your chances of stress-related neck pain higher. The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests contacting a professional if you’re experiencing neck pain. Even if it’s caused by stress, untreated neck pain might later reveal muscle spasms, arthritis, bulging discs or even narrowed spinal nerve openings.

Call Taylor Rehab to talk with your physical therapist today!

3. If further assessment is warranted, your therapist might recommend you come in for an appointment.

1. Feel free to call us and ask to speak to your therapist.

2. Your therapist will tell you the possible causes of your pain as well as precautions you can take at home.

How Physical Therapy Can Help My Neck Pain

If you’re dealing with neck pain, you’re not alone. Call our office today and schedule an assessment. Even if your neck pain is caused by stress, it still needs attention. We’ll work side by side with you to achieve your goals by creating the proactive, effective program you need to achieve mobility once more.

Neck pain, fortunately, can be alleviated with physical therapy. Because neck pain is often caused by repetitive movements, different activity can cure it. Sometimes, this “activity” means “no activity.” Before you contact a professional, try reducing your neck movements. Sometimes, simply letting your neckmuscles relax is enough. If you don’t see relief within two weeks, contact a professional. Physical therapists can target your pain’s source by examining your symptoms. Then, theycanofferexercises that stretch,flexandrelaxyourneckmuscles. In time, your neckwill becomemore resilient—giving you the comfort you deserve. Followingphysical therapy, continuing these custom-tailoredneck exercises will assure your neck stays loose, limber and healthy.

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Featured Service Manual Therapy

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5 What is it? Manual therapy is just one tool in a physical therapist’s kit that allows them to mobilize stiff joints and soft tissue. This specialized form of treatment helps in reducing swelling, decreasing restriction, mobilizing joints, and increasing your range of motion. Our 4

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Caitlyn Napoli PT, DPT

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Caitlyn Napoli-Yackulich received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College, in NY, in 2015 after receiving her B.S. in Natural Science in 2013. She worked as a traveling Physical Therapist after graduation, working in 8 states across the

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9 8 6 5 physical therapists have received extensive training in specialized manual therapy techniques from a wide variety of schools and instructors. Get started today! 9 http://1sudoku.com 1 6 If you are interested in gaining the many benefits of manual therapy, request an appointment with Taylor Rehab Physical Therapy today! Our dedicated physical therapists will be happy to meet with you and get you moving once again. 7 3 9 6 2 8 9 4

countryandavarietyof settingsprior tosettling intotheoutpatient setting in NC, at Taylor Rehab. Caitlyn enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic conditions, especially joint replacements. She has additional training in the McKenzie Method, Dry Needling, and Maitland Australian joint mobilizationtechniques. Caitlyn’s favoritepre-COVIDactivitywas traveling the country and world, as well as exploring her new home state of NC with her husband.

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Exercise Essential

Have You Thought About A Standing Desk?

Studies suggest whether you choose a standingor adjustabledesk for yourworkday, integrative support can be beneficial in easing yourself into the new setting. In fact, those who participated in some sort of variable support program for their standing or adjustable desk stood for an average of 50 minutes longer each day than those who did not. At the end of the day, make sure you’re comfortable No matter how you choose to work from home, ergonomics is an important concept to keep in mind. Ergonomic laptop desks and chairs can promote proper posture and decrease the risk for back problems, while workplace design can make an impact on your overall happiness, productivity, and well-being. At the end of the day, make sure you’re comfortable – don’t let the daily stresses of working from home take a toll on your physical health! There are several steps you can take to improve your posture, strength, energy, and overall well-being throughout the workday. For more information, contact Taylor Rehab Physical Therapy today.

Did you know that standing burns between .7 to .15more calories per minute than sitting does? It may not seem like a lot, but by simply standing for longer periods of time, you can easily burnmore calories throughout the day. Sedentary lifestyles, especially the ones that many of us are experiencing right now, can increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, or other serious health issues. However, investing in a standing desk or alternative seating options at work can help in greatly decreasing these risks and making your home office more ergonomically friendly! Using a standing desk as opposed to a traditional sitting desk has been proven to lower one’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Nevertheless, standing desks are not for everyone, especially those with joint or vascular conditions. You may be asking, “doesn’t standing all day long have its own implications?” The short answer is – yes. Anythingwithout moderation can have its pitfalls. Standing can boost your energy levels, concentration, and even your mood, but if you have a traditional 9-5 job, chances are that level of productivity will dissipate after a while. Standing for too long can cause you to run out of energy quicker and can take a toll on your physical comfort. Many medical professionals recommend adjustable desks for your home workplace environment, so you can spend a large amount of your day standing or stretching, with the opportunity to rest when you become tired.


Did You Know? We Can Also Treat: • Arthritis • Back Pain • Balance • Chronic Pain • Dizziness • Headaches • Hip & Knee Pain • Neck Pain • Neuropathy • Pelvic Health • Sports Injuries • Work Injuries Stand tall, shoulders relaxed. Pull shoulder blades back and down. Don’t hunch your shoulders. Repeat this move 5 times.

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Print sudoku http://1sudoku.com

Keeping Your Health In Mind


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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been causing numerous health care facilities to shut down, we as medical professionals are diligently trying to serve our patients in the best ways possible without risking the spread of this disease. Before and after every

session, we are asking our clients and staff to wash or sanitize their hands. Additionally, we have increased the number of times per day that we sanitize our equipment and facility as well as checking the temperature of each patient as an added precaution.

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Laser Therapy: What Is It? 1.​ It​reduces​pain​and​inflammation​without​side​effects Laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation. Unlike medications, laser therapy reduces pain without undesirable side effects. It is also important to point out that patients report long-lasting pain relief. While the number of treatments required may vary depending on the acuity of the condition, many patients experience lasting relief after only a couple treatments. 4.​ Treatments​Feel​Good Depending on the laser, it can create little to no sensation or it can create a gentle, soothing warmth. 5.​ Treatments​Are​Fast With LightForce lasers, treatments are quick, usually four to ten minutes depending on the size, depth, and acuteness of the condition being treated.

2.​ Can​be​used​for​acute​and​chronic​conditions When treating acute conditions with laser therapy, it is particularly effective when it is administered as soon as possible following injury. The faster the inflammation is reduced and the healing process can begin, the better. In the case of acute injury, laser therapy helps restore the body to normal function quicker. 3.​ Treatments​can​be​customized​for​each​situation Depending on the condition, whether it is an acute swollen ankle or chronic low back pain, the therapist will set the laser up for your condition to treat the pain and inflammation along with improving cellular function to maximize the benefits.

FREE Laser Treatment for Neck Pain Call​us​at​704-658-1095​(Gateway)​ or​704-660-6551​(Plantation) to​schedule​your​free​laser​ treatment​today! This​offer​expires​10/31/20.

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