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Embedded Boards Computer On Modules Embedded Single Board Computers Industrial Motherboards RISC Computing Solutions

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Embedded IoT About Embedded IoT 

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Integrated IoT Solutions  WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense

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IoT Cloud Services

Embedded BIOS, OS and APIs Edge Intelligence Servers

IoT Gateways

Wireless IoT Sensor Nodes and Gateways

Wireless ePaper Display Solutions


Embedded Boards  Computer On Modules

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Embedded Single Board Computers

Industrial Motherboards RISC Computing Solutions

Embedded Systems 

Fanless Embedded Computers

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Embedded PCs

Vertical Focused Solutions  In-vehicle and Railway Systems

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Cloud-based Digital Signage Solutions

Gaming Computing Platforms

Industrial Peripherals  Industrial Display Systems

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Industrial Flash and Memory Solutions

Embedded IoT Wireless Modules

IoT Software Distribution

Embedded Design To Order Services 


Application Selection Guide  Medical/Healthcare Intelligent Automation Intelligent Transportation POS and Self-service Kiosks

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Product Selection Guide  WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense

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IoT Cloud Services

Edge Intelligence Servers

Wireless IoT Sensor Nodes and Gateways

Computer On Modules

Embedded Single Board Computers Industrial Motherboards RISC Computing Solutions Fanless Embedded Computers Digital Signage Solutions In-vehicle & Railway Systems Gaming Computing Platforms Industrial Display Systems Industrial Flash and Memory Solutions Embedded IoT Wireless Modules Wireless ePaper Display Solutions Embedded Software Distribution Embedded PCs

Worldwide Leader in Embedded Design and Services About Embedded IoT

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of IoT applications across a diverse range of industries. For embedded markets, we not only provide the next generation of embedded computing products but also offer more value through various embedded design-in and software services.

Microsoft Azure Arm Mbed AWS...

Edge Intelligence and Sensing Integration

Embedded BIOS, OS, API

Intelligent Self-management

Application Solutions

PaaS & Cloud Services

Embedded Modules Storage, Memory andWireless

Industrial Display Systems

Carrier Board

Thermal Simulation

Multiple I/O Extension

Integrated IoT Solutions By providing integrated IoT solutions ranging from sensor nodes and gateways to edge intelligence solutions and cloud services, Advantech has accelerated the IoT value chain and ecosystem. This has enabled customers to develop IoT applications with professional services including WISE-PaaS software services, embedded BIOS/OS services, and software API and utility services. Embedded Boards We offer a full spectrum of embedded boards in multiple form factors, ranging from computer-on-module and multi-I/O extension boards and embedded single board computers to industrial motherboards, and we are continuously developing innovative form factors to meet customers’ changing needs. Embedded Systems Advantech offers all-in-one fanless embedded systems, easy-to-configure embedded PCs, and vertical -focused solutions with pre- integrated software services for digital signage, in-vehicle, railway, and gaming applications. This allows customers to not only rapidly implement various applications but also to maximize their benefits. Industrial Displays and Modules Advantech’s industrial peripheral products (e.g., storage, wireless devices, touch modules, and displays) and software turn-key solutions provide innovative options for industrial PC applications and are fully compatible with Advantech embedded boards and systems. Design-in Services Streamlined design-in services ensure that engineering demands are fulfilled at the design-in phase, bringing notable benefits that can shorten design and integration cycles, thus minimizing uncertainty and risk. Services include wide-temperature and ruggedized solutions.


Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence with WISE-PaaS WISE-PaaS

Advantech has launched WISE-PaaS, an IoT platform, to provide complete solutions to our partners and clients, enabling them to realize their IoT business. The WISE-PaaS platform integrates Advantech’s software packages, various IoT cloud services, and security services. This offering is suitable for optimizing the utility of specific domains and includes four main software clusters: WebAccess, WISE-Paas/VideoSense, WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, and WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS.

Machine Data Acquisition

Scalable Cloud Operation

Business Intelligence

Video Analysis

Dashboard & Visualization

Sensor Data Acquisition

Microsoft Azure

Predictive Maintenance

Edge Intelligence Servers

Cloud Services

Sensing Devices

Remote Monitoring & Edge Analytics

Industrial Data Acquisition and Visualization

Intelligent Video and Multimedia Management

Edge Intelligence and Sensor Integration

Platform for Enabling Cloud Service Providers

Multi-Tenancy Data Analytics Database IoT Hub

WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS is a software platform designed to power cloud services. It provides a highly secure, multi-tenancy architecture that can be automatically expanded to create a highly robust data platform for Advantech’s domain-focused cloud services or customer cloud services. WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense is an edge intelligence and sensor integration software solution that incorporates sensor data aggregation, over-the-air software-in-time updates, edge analytics, cloud applications, and secure end-to-end data protection for easily deriving real-time device-to-cloud operational intelligence. WISE-PaaS/VideoSense WISE-PaaS/VideoSense is a service platform for intelligent video analytics. It collects sensor data, performs video analytics, data visualization, and dispatches files through a central management system. It also offers several video technology modules for application in security, retail, logistics, transportation, and medicine. WebAccess is the core of Advantech's industrial IoT solutions for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. It supports open interface APIs for secondary development and enterprise-level system integration. Using a cross-browser dashboard interface, you can easily control all on-site activities and make decisions at any time from any location from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. WebAccess


Edge Intelligence & Sensor Integration WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense

WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense is an edge intelligence and sensing integration software solution that incorporates sensor data aggregation, over-the-air software-in-time updates, edge analytics, cloud applications, and secure end-to-end data protection for fast and easy real-time device-to-cloud operational intelligence.

Cloud Connection

Sensor Data Aggregation

Machine to Intelligence Operation

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1 1 1 10 0 0 0 0

Data Acquisition /Collection

Edge Analytics

Sensor/Protocol Management

Real-time Reaction

Whitelisting & Application Control

IoT Device Remote Monitor and Management

Over-the-Air Software Updates

Edge Intelligence Interface

Electronic Shelf Label

Service Highlights

Data Acquisition/ Collection

Real-time Reaction

Sensor/Protocol Management Everything starts with device data. The built-in WISE Agent integrates various sensor data formats for aggregating data from sensors via either wired or wireless approaches. WISE Agent provides an open and standard interface, offering both remote monitoring and control functionality over multiple types of sensor data. The bridge for transmitting field data from sensors to the cloud is the MQTT protocol, which is adopted for its bidirectional capabilities, meaning that you can both deploy commands and acquire data remotely. Cloud Connectivity

Edge Analytics This allows you to set up simple logics for the local and non-cloud processing of acquired data. This is a more efficient approach to data processing, especially with regard to optimizing time management and the processing of throughput-sensitive cases. It is feasible to execute proper algorithms to meet business artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance requirements at the network edge. Our goal is to help our partners increase their overall operation efficiency and value.


Platform for Enabling Cloud Service Providers IoT Cloud Services

As a software platform designed to empower cloud services, WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS provides a highly secure, multi-tenancy architecture with automatic expansion to ensure that this data platform is highly robust for either domain-focused cloud services provided by Advantech or those developed by customers.

iFactory & Industry 4.0

Energy & Environment

Machine to Intelligence (M2I)



Data Platform

Cloud Services

Data Analytics

Sensor Fusion Multi-tenancy

Metering& Billing Elastic Scaling High-Availability Security

ARM-based Systems

IoT Gateways

Embedded PCs

Edge Intelligence Servers In-Vehicle, Railway Systems Digital Signage Players

Service Highlights

ArmMbed Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

• Device management and provisioning on a centralized web-based console • End-to-end security offers protection on devices and the cloud • Remote software update service

• Connect devices to various services provided by AWS • Build scalable, global, and secure IoT applications • Bring computing capabilities to edge devices

• Build trusted and intelligent cloud applications for use inmost global regions • Easy implementation of ready-to-use IoT • Mine big data with a complete business analysis tool


Connecting to Leading Edge Technologies Embedded BIOS, OS, and APIs

Our dedicated global embedded software team is committed to providing a range of services from embedded BIOS and OS to software APIs and utilities. By leveraging our seamless hardware/ software integration services, embedded developers can lower their design effort and project complexity while accelerating product development.

Embedded OS

• Customization services • Multi-layer security • Coreboot ready Embedded BIOS

• Multiple OS support • Small footprint & fast boot • Embedded lockdown utility

iManager 3.0


• IoT standard compliance • Cross platform compatibility • Extensible SDK

• PICMG EAPI compliance • Intelligent MCU • Integrated EC, super IO, EEPROM

Embedded BIOS

We provide full-feature embedded BIOS solutions that deliver superior performance in compatibility and functionality. A variety of options and extensions enable you to tailor your products to suit a wide range of target markets, and our BIOS solutions are coreboot-ready. Secure boot options are optimized to ensure a secure POST process prior to OS startup. Furthermore, our BIOS suite makes it possible to build custom firmware tools, such as DMI, BIOS configurations, and modules, for flexibility in OS support.

Fast Boot:

Fast Boot • Optimized for PCI-e, VGA, etc. • MP sync • Quad access

We continue to work with ISV, to provide Fast Boot solutions with optimized PCI-e, VGA, etc., meeting 1.5 seconds boot times, especially in important in military and medical products.

Multi-Layered Security • Hardened SPI • Storage security • Boot management

Customization Services • User-centric functions • Domain-focused design • Expert consulting

Multi-Layered Security:

Our embedded BIOS provides three levels of security, namely hardened SPI, storage security, and boot management, to protect against viruses, malware, and uncertified devices in the pre-OS environment.






Customization Services:


With our customization services, we provide full-feature modularized designs and customizable mechanisms that can accelerate system development and simplify customization. Proven quality, rapid execution, and industry-leading experience are the hallmarks of our consulting services.


Embedded OS

To facilitate system integration, Advantech provides wide OS support, customized embedded OS images, and built-in configuration utilities for our embedded platforms. This ensures that you can choose the most suitable platform based on your specific needs.



We offer a full range of Microsoft Windows Embedded platforms with ready-to-use embedded OS images and a complete set of components for rapid prototyping and application development.

Broad Connectivity

Fast Boot


Distribution Consulting Driver Modification & Configuration Application Ready Platform

Small Footprint

Security Hardened

Installation and verification are available for Yocto, Ubuntu, Red Hat, and more, with additional services for driver modification, configuration, and general distribution consulting. Notably, we have cooperated with Wind River for Pulsar Linux, a container-based OS that delivers vital components for the productization and commercialization of IoT devices. RTOS: We provide a series of RTOS services, including RTX, QNX, Windows CE, and VxWorks, in order to deliver robust, secure, and scalable virtualization capabilities.

Expandable Architecture

Embedded Lockdown Tools


Advantech has created secure, unified, and smart interface (SUSI) APIs with user-friendly, intelligent, integrated interfaces that deliver add-on value for Advantech platforms. SUSI APIs make it easier for you to program and configure features while maintaining full control over their application.

System Protection:

Your system data and performance are protected with data security, watch dog timer, thermal protection, and system throttling features.

IoT Translator SDK

Device Monitoring:

3 rd Party Devices

Backlight On/Off

Monitor and detect device data including smart fan, hardware monitoring, and system information for further management and optimization.

Data Security

System Throttling

SMBus/ I C 2


System Protection

I/O Control

I/O Control:



Device Monitoring

Application Extension

Access and manage I/O modules for device control over such features as general purpose I/O, SMBus/I2C, backlight on/off, and brightness.

WatchDog Timer


Thermal Protection

Hardware Monitor

Intelligent Display


Application Extension:

System Information

Gain access to external modules or devices for the development of PoE, G-sensor, and intelligent display applications.

IoT “Translator” SDK:

With a modularized SDK to help customers integrate their own devices into Advantech platforms, our IoT SDK plays the role of a translator, allowing plugin functions to connect with Advantech WISE-PaaS.

iManager 3.0: Intelligent Self-Management

iManager is a built-in solution chip with a standardized API that integrates several unique platform consolidation functions needed by embedded system integrators to help improve consistency, lighten development efforts, and shorten product time-to-market.

PICMG EAPI Compliance:

Compliance with the PICMG EAPI standard ensures maximum compatibility and rapid integration.


System Security

Diverse Peripherals

Intelligent MCU:

Our solutions are integrated with EEPROM, SPI, EC, and super I/O for rapid deployment.

Intelligent Management

Simplified Integration

I/O Capabilities:

We provide I/O support for diverse applications.

PICMG EAPI Compliance


Building Up Edge-to-Cloud Applications Edge Intelligence Servers

Advantech edge intelligence servers accelerate IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions with edge computer, WISE-PaaS/ EdgeSense IoT edge intelligence and sensing integration software, IoT development tools, and preconfigured cloud services. Our servers facilitate centralized data management, edge analytics, and achieving cloud connectivity, thus simplifying IoT application development, especially in equipment connections, data visualization, and predictive maintenance for machine-to-intelligence (M2I) applications.

• Comes with standard protocols (Modbus/OPC UA) and an open plugin SDK for sensor data acquisition • Preintegrated dataflow logic designer Node-RED for data processing and flow control for preventive maintenance

• Preconfigured Microsoft Azure and AWS Greengrass cloud services for data analytics • Open and standard structure/components allow for easy upgrading and future expansion


Pre-configured Cloud Services Microsoft Azure, AWS…

WISE Agent


Edge Intelligence and Senor Integration

Data Acquisition

Sensor/Protocol Management

Edge Analytics

Real-Time Response

Cloud Connectivity

EIS-D110 Wireless Connectivity

EIS-D150 High Performance

EIS-D120 Multiple I/O


LPWAN Connectivity

IoT Devices Wireless


Industrial Protocols PLC Controllers

CNC Controllers


IoT Devices





CNC Machines


Simplify Deployment

High Repeatability

Preventive Maintenance Our solutions allow you to analyze aggregated sensor data to discover patterns for device management/optimization and scheduled maintenance to prevent failure.

Built-in WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense gives you animated graphics displays and real-time data control.

Modulized logic flow control can be exported to similar equipment to save workload and development time.


Simplify Your IoT Deployment with Mulit-connectivity Design IoT Gateways Advantech’s UTX series of embedded IoT gateways are designed for end device data analysis and transmission, increasing operational efficiency by giving you the information you need to make effective decisions. This aids in deriving intelligence to drive new design innovations and makes business transformation a viable option. In addition, the UTX series supports multiple connectivity options and IoT software integration, making it ideal for Industry 4.0 solutions in smart city, and smart energy applications.


Rich I/O Capability

Multiple Connectivity


Extended Temp

12-24V DC

Innovative Design Features

Optimized Thermal Solutions

Wide power input & Rich I/O • 12-24V power input • Supports RS-232/422/485


• Wide operating temperature, -20~60°C • Double-sided optimized thermal solution



Multi-connectivity Design

IoT Software Integration

• 5-antenna design: 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and LoRA • 3 RF modules for add-on flexibility

• OS support: Windows 10, WindRiver Pulsar • IoT software integration: WISE-PaaS IoT software platform, AWS Greengrass, Microsoft IoT Edge


Accelerate Integration from Sensors to the Cloud Wireless IoT Sensor Nodes and Gateways Advantech offers a comprehensive range of wireless IoT solutions powered by Arm core technology. Featuring low-power consumption and a selection of wireless Arm® Mbed™ cloud service technologies, Advantech’s sensor nodes, gateways, and cloud services can help you quickly and easily build wireless IoT device-to-cloud network solutions.



IoT Connectivity

Data Manageability

Node Management

Network Traffic Management

Remote node control & monitoring

Firmware over the air (FOTA)

VPN tunnel

Authorization engine

Network management & security

Data path acceleration


Modular Design

Worldwide Certification-Ready

Advantech has developed the M2.COM open standard, a simple modular design for IoT sensor nodes and sensors.

To simplify system development, Advantech offers wireless sensor node and gateway solutions with internationally recognized RF certification.


Value-Added Software

IoT Software Built-in

Advantech provides API and SDK support for accurate design and easy development.

Advantech WISE series incorporates WISE-PaaS/ RMM IoT software platform to help build IoT applications quickly.


Wireless ePaper Display Solutions Advantech provides hardware and software integrated wireless ePaper display solutions: wireless ePaper modules, a router, a gateway, and WISE-PaaS/ESL software to accelerate implementation in a wide range of applications such as electronic shelf labelling, and digital signage in smart warehouses. The WISE-PaaS/ESL software package enables easy management over the whole system locally or remotely over the internet using the MQTT protocol. System integrators and developers can focus on their own application development and build customer satisfaction. Our solutions enable battery-powered IoT display applications in smart warehouses, industrial equipment, and intelligent healthcare fields. Enable Battery-Powered IoT Display Applications

Smart Warehouse

Item: Citalopram Note: 10mg

ID: A04762410 Inventory: 125000


2.9” ePaper Display EPD-023B

ePaper Manager

Industrial Equipment

Task: Person: Miller Jones Status: InProgress InspectionDate: Dec.20,2017 EtchingProcess: A5

5.65” ePaper Display EPD-053R

Advantech IoT Gateway & Edge Intelligence Server

Intelligent Healthcare

Bed#: 1011


Name: David Job Gender: Male DateofAdmission : 09/11/2017 DateofSurgery: 09/25/2017

ID: 2016084

BirthDate: 10/08/1943

Physician: Dr.Young

Nurse: Ms. James

Special instruction : high fall risk, penicillinallergy



13.3” ePaper Display EPD-132R


Ultra Low Power

Easy Deployment

Supports ultra low power design with battery life up to 5 years

10,000 modules can join networks and be updated automatically in 1 hour

Design-in Service

Centralized Content Management Built-in WISE-PaaS/ESL for content management and maintenance

Build your own application with integrated  ePaper driver, wireless and power technology


Accelerate Application Development with Dedicated Design-In Services Computer On Modules To help customers accelerate the development of their core competencies, computer-on-module (COM) systems can be utilized to reduce the time and effort involved in designing new carrier boards. Advantech’s COM series includes the COM-Express series, ETX, and Qseven, all of which offer additional design-in services that provide small form factor support while also supporting the latest Intel CPUs.






Type 7






End of Life

Innovative Technologies and Services Full Customization Services

DHCS Thermal Solution

COM Express 3.0 • Mates 100% with CPU for improved heat transfer performance • Automatic CPU pressure adjustment keeps the board flat • Thin design for space-limited systems • Higher bandwidth networking support • Low power consumption • Ideal for healthcare, retail, testing and measurement, gaming, automation, and networking

COM for Server Applications • Ultimate computing performance • Fast data transmission • Limited power consumption • High expansion capability • COM customization • Semi-system integration • Carrier board design and production • Manufacturing services

Full Range of COM Platforms

COM Express Basic

COM Express Compact

COM Express Mini


Development Board


Enabling Next-Generation Industrial Applications Embedded Single Board Computers

Advantech offers compact industrial-grade embedded single-board computers (SBCs) with rugged design, high flexibility, and easy expansion capabilities. Our range of product offerings vary from the 2.5” Pico-ITX and 3.5” SBC, to PC/104 and 5.25” EBX. Moreover, our innovative multi-I/O expansion design, which features multiple integrated I/Os and flexible design can facilitate system development, maximize resource efficiency, and assist integrators in providing optimized solutions that are more cost-effective.

Small Form Factor

Industrial Grade Design

Firmware Customization

Fanless Solution

I/O Extension

Wide Temp

Embedded Software

EMI/ESD Optimized Service

Wireless Connectivity

IoT Cloud Capability e

Multi-I/O Extension Design-In Process

• Off-the-shelf modules • Available IP building blocks • 2D/3D mechanical drawing Reference Design

• Schematic design guide • Layout checklist • Local technical review service Design Checklist & Review

• BIOS customization • Thermal simulation & integration • Enclosure & customization service Integration Services

Latest Product Series

2.5" Pico-ITX


3.5" SBC

EBX & 5.25”SBC

146 x 102 mm in 3.5” form factor

203 x 146 mm in EBX/ 5.25” form factor

100 x 72 mm in Pico-ITX form factor

96 x 90 mm to 96 x 115 mm in PC/104-Plus, PC/104 or PCI-104 form factors


Form Entry to Server Grade Performance Industrial Motherboards Advantech offers you full range industrial motherboards with the latest platforms and industrial know-how, and services which aim to give you the cutting edge in technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Advantech Core Design Value

The Latest Platformwith Pioneering Design • Early engagement with Intel & AMD • -20~70°C optional temperature support • 12-24V wide range DC input & dual power input source • ESD level 4 protection & USB stability enhancement

Entry to Server-grade Performance • THIN design for entry-level systems • High reliability for mobile & ULT • Desktop performance • Server-grade & workstation CPU computing Global Service & Technical Support • 14+ global service networks • Local & online technical support • Configure-to-order Service (CTOS) • Customization service: thermal solution, I/O extension, and certification/validation

Value-added IoT Software • Embedded OS • Embedded BIOS • SUSI API / iManager 2.0 • Advantech WISE-PaaS/RMM • Microsoft Azure

To Meet Your Vertical Requirements





Surveillance/ Server

Hardware & Software Features • High graphic performance • Multiple independent display

• Multiple CPU Core (up to 16)

• High ESD protection • High speed multiple IO • Longevity support

• Massive I/O with reliable • USB design and control • Value-added software

• High reliability • Longevity support • WISE PaaS/RMM

• Massive SATA & jumbo frame LAN (up to 10GbE)

Full Range of Product Offerings




Micro-ATX 244x 244mm


116.8x 111.8mm

170x 170mm

170x 170 mm with 22mm in height

304.8x 244 mm


Embedded Linux & Android Ready ARM Solutions RISC Computing Solutions

ARM technology is leading the revolution in the IoT era due to its cost effectiveness and compact size. Advantech offers a standardized hardware platform with open design guidelines and relevant schematics that helps customers integrate general hardware platforms into unique applications. To achieve that, we dedicate ourselves to providing unified, organized and advanced software packages with longevity support.

Performance Tuning

Build Engine

Vertical AP

Software Ecosystem Partners

Driver Porting

Custom OS


Unified S/W and BSP with Longevit

Time-To-Market Design-in Services

• Longevity upgrade • Unified architecture • Complete documentation

• Hardware design review • Software reference code • Online SW support

Leading Technology in ARM Development

Peripheral Integration Services • Verified device driver code samples • Longevity support • Various peripheral support

• The latest platform • IoT connectivity • Device management

Comprehensive RISC Platforms

SBC & Motherboards

Box Computers IoT Optimized Box Solutions

Embedded PCs

Computer On Module

SMARC, RTX (Advantech), Qseven

2.5”, 3.5”, Mini-ITX

EPC-R Series

Unified Platform for Embedded Linux & Android Industrial Applications


Modular System for Quick Equipment Integration Fanless Embedded Computers

Advantech provides full customization services including a selection of offerings for I/O modules, OS software, and peripherals. You can choose from a flexible range of modular I/O options without concern for additional customization time, NRE, or costs. With our modular I/O design, you can rapidly implement your applications with maximal benefits.

Diverse Solution Packages

Factory Automation

Machine Automation

Video Processing

Integrated Software Services

Remote Monitoring and Management

Video Content Management Software

Smart SCADA Management

• Centralized IoT device HW & SW status management • Built-in 15+ real-time monitoring widgets

• Intelligent video platform and analytics • Modularized SDK

• Dashboard editor & viewer • Widget library & widget builder • Cross browser & device viewing

Full Configuration


Your Vertical Applications Enabler Embedded PCs

To meet different vertical needs, Advantech offers 6 series of Embedded PCs (EPC), providing high-performance graphics, various I/O expansion options, multiple displays connections, and a rugged enclosure. With these product features, Advantech’s EPC is ideal for applications in self-service kiosk, passenger information systems, gaming and industrial automation.

Rich Expansion Capability

Various Form Factors Adoption

I/O Design Flexibility

Fast Local CTOS Assembly

One-stop Peripheral Integration


Full Range Offerings

Optimized Mechanical Design • I/O design flexibility • Rich expansion capability • Multiple mounting: Wall/VESA/DIN rail

• Low-power to server-grade performance • 1U & 2U compact design • Reliable fanless design

Quick Integration Services • Fast local CTOS assembly • One-stop peripheral integration • Customized safety certification

Software Integration

• Advantech WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense • Windows OS image ready • SUSI API unified interface

Full Range of EPC EPC-S Series

EPC-C Series

EPC-X Series

• Compact 1U fanless system • Designed for 3.5” SBC

• Fan & Fanless configurable system • Designed for 3.5” SBC

• Fanless system • Available with extension boards or MIOe modules

EPC-R Series

EPC-T Series

EPC-B Series

• THIN design under 1U height • Designed for THIN Mini-ITX motherboards

• Scalable design • Designed for all Mini-ITX motherboards

• ARM base with Linux/Android SW • Designed for Mini-ITX motherboards


Certified Designs for In-Vehicle, Rolling Stock Applications In-Vehicle and Railway Systems We provide in-vehicle and rolling stock embedded systems with designs unique for transportation industry applications. These products feature in-vehicle/rolling stock certifications (eMark/EN50155), high extension capability for communication interfaces, wireless 3G/LTE and GPS communication support, and wide operating temperature designs.

Embedded Modular Design

Embedded Peripherals





Vertical Acessories

Stackable extension Communication Data acquisition

Storage extension ODM

IP Camera

Camera Access Controller

Signage Displays

Eco-Partner Collaboration—The Key to Success

• Generate additional revenues by being a "solutions seller" • Grow your market share by leveraging Advantech brand

• Explore new opportunities with Advantech global sales team • Professional training and support worldwide

Product Series

In-Vehicle Systems

Surveillance Systems

Railway Systems


Immersive Experience and Easy Management Cloud-based Digital Signage Solutions Digital signage has evolved into an interactive and personalized communication tool. It is now a vital link to connect advertisers with viewers for a more direct engagement and experience. Advantech cloud-based digital signage solution covers most business and environmental needs, from single stores to central management, commercial to industrial applications. All systems come bundled with content management, device monitoring, and content security software, and can connect with WiFi, 3G or LTE modules for a flexible range of communication possibilities.

Built-in Software

Cloud-based Management

User-friendly Interface

Remote Control and Monitoring • Remote monitoring & reporting • Supports public, private, LAN • Remote KVM/on/off • Hardware monitoring: CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltage • Remotely edit and dispatch programs to up to 500 display clients

• Drag and drop operation • Supports 30+ media formats • Preloads diverse layout templates

Content Security/System Recovery • Centralized security management • Whitelist system protection • Timely backup and recovery

Ready-to-use Platforms

Entry Level Series

Ultra Slim Series

Multi-display Series

OPS Series

2 Displays

2 UHD/FHD Displays

3-6 Displays

2-3 Displays


The Widest Range of Solutions for the Gaming Industry Gaming Computing Platforms

Advantech-Innocore is dedicated to providing advanced gaming solutions for customers. We offer the widest range of industrial grade computer products designed specifically for the gaming industry. We provide our customers with excellent standard products, customized products and services, and we employ the latest up-to-date technologies for gaming solutions to meet the requirements for casino machines, AWPs, VLTs, multiplayer games, arcade games, and pachislots.

DPX ® Gaming Platforms & Systems

Standalone (S Series)

Economy (E Series)






Gaming Displays and Touch Solutions Gaming Peripherals

Long Lifecycle Graphic Cards

Industrial Storage Modules




A Leading Specialist for Display Technologies, Products and Solutions Industrial Display Systems Advantech designs, develops and manufactures display systems that meet the demands of industrial display markets in gaming, transportation, medical, and many system integration markets globally. All our products range from 5.7” to 55”, from indoor to outdoor, from LCD kit to stand-alone monitors with demonstrable advantages in quality, project control and cost. Combining proven technologies and flexible manufacturing, Advantech creates class leading solutions for your customers that deliver significant product differentiation and competitive advantage. Our customer-centric approach reinforces all of our activities and in an essential part of the thousands of products we ship daily.

Leading Display Technologies

Smooth Grayscale Display



Ideal Gamma Curve

Conventional Curved Advantech Curved Human Eye


Optical Bonding

High Brightness

Curved Display

Medical Imaging

Product Portfolio Industrial/Outdoor Touch LCD Kits

SlimOpen Frame/ Panel Mount Monitors

Proflat Touch Monitors

Digital Signage Displays

Curved Displays

IDK-1000/IDK-2000 5.7”~21.5”

IDS-3100/IDS-3200 6.5””~21.5”

IDP31 Series 10.4", 15", 21.5"

DSD-3000/DSD-5000 28”-55”

CRV31-430WP 43” UHD/FHD


Extreme Performance, 360-degree Security, Industrial Reliability Industry-leading Flash and Memory Solutions As the leading industrial flash and memory solution provider, Advantech offers a comprehensive industrial grade SSD and DRAM modules with better longevity for industrial and semi-industrial application developers. All our modules are designed with tier 1 IC , high endurance capability, the most comprehensive security functions, and pass 100% screening test.


Security Inside • Self-encryption • Data protection • McAfee integration


Industrial Reliability

• Lifetime prediction • Remote device monitoring • Online PMQ

• Comprehensive protection against power failure • 100% screening test • Industrial grade design

SQFlash Industrial Flash Solutions

SQRAM Industrial Memory Solutions

EXM Embedded Extension Modules

Supports various interfaces such as SATA, PCIe/NVMe, and PATA/IDE with multiple form factors including 2.5” SSD, mSATA, M.2, DOM, CFast, and Half-Slim.

Offers comprehensive product line including Unbuffered DIMM, SODIMM for Industrial applications and supports DDR4, DDR3, and DDR2.

Provides standard Half/Full-size Mini PCIe modules that support a variety of I/O to embedded boards and systems.


Embedded IoT Wireless Modules & Design-in Services To fully realize the benefits of connected platforms in the IoT era, Advantech Embedded IoT Wireless Module Solutions offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and 4G modules with ready-to-use software and wireless design-in services as a total package for embedded vertical applications. With Advantech wireless modules, system integrators, and industrial PC vendors can easily implement extra wireless functions into their own systems or board level applications. Simplifying Wireless Connectivity for IoT Platforms

Wireless Software Integration

Wireless System Performance Tuning

Optimal Antenna Design

RF Certification

D e s i

Short Range Series

High Throughput Series

Smart Mobility Series


EWM-C117FL01E EWM-C163M201E

EWM-C109F601E EWM-G109H

802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, ZigBee

802.11AC,AX,4G LTE (+CAT-6)



IoT Software Distribution Ensuring Device Manageability, Security and Connectivity Advantech offers more than just a distribution license; it offers a series of value-added services, including hosting embedded solution seminars, hands-on training, and software APIs and utilities. You can leverage our professional embedded solution development capability to streamline your business.


Unique Utilities

Consulting Services

D e s i g

Product Series

Embeddeed OS

McAfee Embedded Security

Backup and Recovery

We p r ov i de Mi c r oso f t Wi ndows Embedded OS for use on embedded systems and devices. We also offer a series of real-time OS services for Advantech platforms, including Linux and Android solutions, to help developers implement IoT solutions in the field.

McAfee Embedded Security Solution is ideal for protecting systems with fixed CPU/memory resource functionality. Its low overhead has virtually no impact on system performance and is equally effective in standalone mode without network access.

Acronis provides a variety of backup and store options aimed at satisfying user needs in various application scenarios. The makes the overall backup and recovery process even more convenient and adds greater protection for user data.

• McAfee Embedded Security • McAfee Endpoint Protection

• Windows Embedded OS • Wind River VxWorks • Wind River Pulsar Linux

• Acronis Backup and Recovery Solution


Enabling Your Vertical Solutions Through One-Stop Customization Services Embedded Design To Order Services

Advantech’s design-to-order service (DTOS) is a design service aimed at providing tailor-made systems and boards that meet specific application requirements. With our advanced, innovative, and world-leading technologies, we provide diverse levels of customization, flexibility for manufacturing, and worldwide technical/logistics support.

Ruggedized SystemCustomization

IoT Gateway Solution

Panel PC Customization

Fully Customized Boards

Box PC Customization

Tablet Design-in Service

n s

Leading Technology

Trusted Quality

Dedicated Services

• Latest chipset solutions • Vertical domain know-how • IoT software platform services with WISE-PaaS built-in

• Design-in eco partners • HW & SW integration design • Expert manufacturing service

• Proven modular designs • Top product reliability • Solid quality assurance

DTOS Development Process

Early Planning Early Consulting RFP/RFQ Evaluation

Project Kick-off Product Specification Schedule Project Planning

Project Design Schematic Design PCB Layout Mechanical/ID/System Design

Pilot Run/Mass Production Technical Transfer to Factory Trial Run Production

Validated Product Signal/Power/Functionality Validation

Ready to Go!

Environments/Reliability Test Certification/Compliance Test


Medical/Healthcare Healthcare for senior citizens and persons with disabilities will be one of the main issues for smart cities. According to a recent IDC report, healthcare revenue driven by IoT technology will reach $ 313 million in 2018 and the ubiquitous adoption of wireless technology in our personal lives will accelerate the adoption of remote devices in healthcare. For intelligent, connected medical devices, which provide superior care quality and remote management of clinical information, stable and ruggedized embedded solutions are widely used. Advantech embedded design-in capability, BIOS/FW/SW integration services, medical design validation, and product lifecycle control are crucial ingredients to advancing eHealthcare computing in the IoT era.

Source: Worldwide Internet of Things Spending by Vertical Market 2014–2018 Forecast, IDC, June 2014.

Intelligent Systems for Outpatient Services

Video Wall Solutions

Embedded Boards 7th Gen Intel Core I SOM-5898 Embedded Systems Six display support DS-980 Embedded Boards 7th Gen Intel Core I AIMB-285 Embedded Systems Fanless & multiple I/O ARK-2230 Embedded Boards Intel Atom MIO-3260 Embedded Systems Fanless & Rich I/O EPC-T1215

Industrial Display 32”-55” DSD-3000 Series

IoT Device & Content Management

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 830

Clinic Check-in Systems

IoT Device Management

Industrial Display Proflat monitors IDP31-215 (21.5”)

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Public Queuing Systems

IoT Device & Content Management

Industrial Display Open frame monitor IDS-3221W (21.5”)

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Medical Diagnosis & Equipment

Ultra Sound

Embedded Boards 7th Gen Intel Core I AIMB-585 SOM-6898 NXP i.MX6 D/Q Plus ROM-7421

DICOM Complied LCD 19” SXGA display IDK-1119MD Storage

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Compact/ Windows Embedded Server

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

MRI/CT Controller

Embedded Boards Intel Atom SOM-6869 SOM-3569 PCM-9366

Industrial Grade TouchPanel 5.7” - 21.5” IDK-1000 Series Storage

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard/ Compact

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 830


OCT System

Embedded Boards 7th Gen Intel Core I AIMB-275 Intel Atom SOM-6869

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard / Compact

Industrial Grade TouchPanel 5.7” - 21.5” IDK-1000 Series Storage

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Healthcare Information Terminals

Dialysis Machine

Embedded Boards Intel Atom PCM-9310 TI AM3352 Cortex A8 ROM-3310

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard / Compact

Industrial Grade TouchPanel 5.7” - 21.5" IDK-1000 Series Storage

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Bedhead Monitor & Nursing Cart

Embedded Boards 7th Gen Intel Core I SOM-6898 Intel Atom SOM-7569

Embedded OS Windows 10

Industrial Grade TouchPanel 5.7” - 21.5" IDK-1000 Series Storage

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Automated Dispensing Machine

Embedded Boards Intel Atom AIMB-217 Embedded Systems Compact & I/O expandable ARK-1124

Industrial Display 15” IDK-1115P IDS-3115

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

Software Administration & Management

Nurse Station Whiteboard

Embedded System OPS Design DS-280 Low Power EPC-R4760

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard/ Compact/ Windows 10 IoT Device Management

Industrial Display 32”-55” DSD-3000 Series Storage

2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

IT Control Room

IoT Device & Content Management

Embedded Systems Six display support DS-980

Embedded OS Windows Embedded Standard/ Compact/ Server

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 830

Environment Monitoring System

Storage 2.5” SATA-SSD SQF-S25 640

IoT Sensor Nodes WiFi node WISE-1530 Mesh node with intelligent MCU WISE-1021

IoT Gateway Solutions WiFi network gateway WISE-3620 WiFi network gateway WISE-3310

IoT Device Management


Intelligent Automation In the IoT era, where wireless networks are everywhere, traditional industrial systems and processes need evolution, which means intelligent systems require more storage, memory, and embedded boards with wireless functions to make connection with the Internet and things easier. In response to their requirements, customers need to use many kinds of I/O sensors, software and wireless technologies for smart factory applications to create more efficient and safer environments. Advantech provides a series of embedded systems, boards, and storage modules with multiple I/O with pre-integrated IoT software packages to connect the edge to the cloud.

Machine Automation

Robotics Arm

IoT Device Management


Embedded System

Cortex-A8 Arm-based box UBC-330

2.5" SSD SQF-SMS 640


Embedded Boards

Intel® Pentium SOM-3569 MIO-5350

EEPROM with thermal sensor SQR-SD3I

Arm Cortex-A15 ROM-7510

Intel® Xeon AIMB-585

AGV Robot

Embedded System

IoT Device Management & Video Analytics


Four serial port fanless box PC ARK-1124

2.5" SSD SQF-SMS 640


Embedded Boards

EEPROM with thermal sensor SQR-SD4M

Arm Cortex-A9 ROM-3420 Intel® Core™ i MIO-5272

Intel® Pentium SOM-3569

HMI Control PC

Fanless & various mounting kits EPC-S101 Embedded System Embedded Boards Intel® Pentium® SOM-3569


Digital Signage Display

Fanless & 1U Design EPC-T1217

2.5" SSD SQF-S25 640

15" XGA LCD IDS-3215


IoT Device Management

Arm Cortex-A9 RSB-4411

EEPROM with thermal sensor SQR-SD3M


Flexible expansion & wide range power input ARK-3520 Embedded System


Digital Signage Display

2.5" SATA SSD SQF-S25 830

15" XGA LCD IDS-3215

Embedded Boards


IoT Device Management

Arm Cortex-A9 ROM-7421

Intel® Pentium MIO-2360 AIMB-217

EEPROM with thermal sensor SQR-SD41

WiFi Mini-PCIe card EWM-W135 Wireless Module

Display Controller

Control Center

WiFi Mini-PCIe card EWM-C109 WiFi Mini-PCIe card Wireless Module

IoT Device & Content Management

Digital Signage Players


Digital Signage Display

EWM-C117 WiFi M.2 card EWM-W163

55" FHD DSD-3055

42" FHD DSD-3042


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