Counseling Client Comments

How well are student needs being met by the counseling clinic?

 I feel like the counselors are doing a good job of pro- fessional and accommodating of many issues and ill- nesses.  It is hard to get scheduled due to the lack of counselors but other than that I think it is good  I feel as if the needs are being met well.  I think the clinic is doing a fantastic job handling the volume of students in need of its services. Availability of appointments can be an issue, though, so an expan- sion of service is probably in order.  I think that they are being met. I feel that I have been improving with counseling  Very well  I think they are met relatively well.  The staff takes their job seriously and really tries to get everyone into appointments  My needs are being met every session  Very good! Anything I need has been considered a priority  I think as well as possible. Sometimes I personally would like more availability but I understand that any congestion is due to the high volume of students using the Clinic.  I was surprised how many services the clinic offers. It serves the needs of students well

 Group counseling I didn’t find helpful but I got a lot out of individual.  My counselor is just what I needed  Reasonably well. My needs are not necessarily clear but I feel like I am getting help.  I think wonderfully  We need more counselors, we have good ones but need more especially with the school increasing its admission  Okay  The variety of help options really help if one resource isn’t working or not helping the student get a healthier state of mind  Very well, haven't heard a bad word about this place.  Well for those who can get in but not for those who can’t.  Best counseling I’ve received so far  Very well! But i feel that some counselors are a bit more helpful or trained than others.  Decently for the resources that are available. Some services aren’t logically able to provide (longer sessions, more consistent counselors, etc.)  Very well, both group and individual therapy is available when needed.  I believe student needs are being met very well by the clinic.

Are there counseling services that you need that are not offered by the clinic? Some of the suggested services are provided by the clinic, such as groups and marriage counseling. With respect to groups, a client may have been seeking a particular group, which did not have a criti- cal mass so that it could begin. In the case of marriage counseling, the client may not have met crite- ria for services, such that both partners must be enrolled students. The clinic also provides therapy for trauma, but does not have counselors specifically trained in some certain forms of trauma thera- py (for example, Cognitive Processing Therapy) and, trauma work tends to be long-term, so often these clients are referred to the community.

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 I was unable to get ADHD testing yet, though that was only because the demand was too high and they couldn’t fit me into the schedule.  Longer sessions or more consistent counselors for long- term patients  I wish I could do biweekly appointments, because I both have depression, and also am here for trauma work, and it’s too much for just one handle in a 45 minute session once a week.  No I was just on a waitlist  More psych testing services would be appreciated

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy


Marriage Counseling

ADHD coaching or organizational assistance.

 More groups offered each quarter. Over the summer groups/counseling.  Trauma therapy would be nice  Long-term counselors  Someone specifically trained for eating disorders


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