Counseling Client Comments Continued

How important do you think it is to continue to offer counseling services on campus?

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The clinic is a very important part of the university.

Extremely important. I hope it expands.

Extremely important. These are stressful times.

I think that it is a critical service here on campus!

 It is very, very important that counseling services continue at CWU because People, like me, depend on it to help me succeed academically and personally.  Absolutely crucial, this is the fist place I’ve received mental health help, and i know the clinic is vital to the health of a lot of students, including myself  Extremely important, just having the option for students to enroll in on campus counseling is huge. I equate it to a survival situation, the ability to make and sustain a fire can drastically improve the odds of survival. Counseling does just that for students.  It would be a terrible idea to cut off mental care at a col- lege.  Very important to help students because college is the start of a big change for most and i know for me personally it helped me stay enrolled and come back to on campus clas- ses  Vitally. I think the counseling center should be expanded, it’s of great need.  I believe the continual offering of services is essential to the health of CWU students.  More important than words can explain

Don’t ever stop it

 It is vital. Many friends of mine have struggled with their mental health and many of us don’t have the money to see people off campus. This is our only resource  Extremely. I have never sought counseling prior to my college career, largely because it was outside of my financial means, so having readily available services is very very help- ful.  Counseling is extremely important. Many individuals are scared to seek care and when it is on campus it is close and accessible to these students, myself included.  I feel that is important to the well being of the students for support and encouragement  Incredibly important, I wouldn’t have made it past my first year and I’m a senior now  It is very important for retention within the university  I think that counseling is an extremely important support system for the people who need it, without counseling on campus a lot of the people who need it would not have access to help.  Super important  Extremely. I might not be alive had I not been able to do counseling.

Expressed Concerns: 

Groups are not the best for everyone.

There should be screening for undiagnosed ADHD

 I know that sometimes it can be difficult to begin one on one counseling- some students are made to do the group counseling instead and I don’t think that is as helpful as individual counseling.  Confidentiality in the clinic check in process and respect for different cultures could be served by a different waiting area, also not having the med clinic clients walk through the counseling waiting area, and have a way for clients to check in without saying their name or reason for visit Other comments:  It helps me confront my needs and getting the help I need for my personal issues. It pulls off the problems and weight off.  I feel I am being heard and no one is judging me for how I feel  I have heard mixed reviews from friends. Some think the counseling isn’t very helpful, but others like some of the services they offer.  For the cultural/identity questions, I did not find them applicable because I did not bring them up in counseling.  It being free is super vital to me being able to be here.  Students mental health declines as classes and social experiences become more difficult.  I wasn’t sure about it at first but it seems to help me a lot  The clinic is very friendly.  This clinic is fantastic  My counselor has maintained an excellent level of professionalism, while remaining empathetic and welcoming of my personality  I felt respected and welcomed when I entered in the clinic. My information stayed between me and my counselor, and I feel that I’m heard when I attend the sessions


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