October 13, 2018

Counseling Services Statistical Comparisons of First Month of Fall Quarter: 2018:2017 Analysis of progress toward accessibility goals Update on Charges from Board of Trustees Prepared by Cindy Bruns, PhD, Interim Director of Counseling

Statistical Overview:

1 st Month Fall 2018

1 st Month Fall 2017

% change

Number of clients seen

223 138 794 596

199 109 744 585


Number of first time in clinic clients

+26.6% +6.7% +1.9%

Number of scheduled appointments (individual/grp) Number of attended appointments (individual/grp) No show rate for all appointments (individual/group) Percentage of all Pathways appointments attended Number of individual, on-going, weekly appointments Number of attended Initial Consults/Screenings Average wait for Initial Consult/Screenings (days) Number of open individual slots in the following week FTE Permanent Line Staff ( currently filled positions ) Number of crisis appointments








69.2 229 103 6.39



-58.5% +80.6% -46.3%

186 3.43







Analysis of progress toward accessibility goals In terms of our goals of increasing accessibility for students to have quick access to initial consultations, assessment, and treatment planning, we are doing a great job. We have seen more students in general and seen them in for initial consultations in half the time compared to last year. We have seen significantly more students entering the clinic for the first time this year over last. The large difference between the number of individual appointments year-to-date this academic year over last year appears to be the result of returning students not going immediately back into ongoing individual appointments. This means there are more individual spots open as we go into midterms this year. Our no-show rate is slightly up this year, but still well within the national average for counseling centers. Our persistence rate in Pathways has declined from last year somewhat and last year was a decrease over the previous year. This bears some investigation. We might want to consider surveying clients who drop out of Pathways.

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