Not reflected above, but an interesting statistic, is that in terms of academic standing, this year the split is almost exactly even between all 4 academic years, while last year, first year students represented a significantly higher proportion of students seen in the first month. We did not track this statistic last year, so I do not have a comparison, but of the students seen in the first month, 27.4% identify as transfer students. Update on Charge from Board of Trustees With respect to the Board of Trustee’s charge, Counseling Services has: • Increased 1 psychologist to a 12-month contract • Working to fill the newly funded mental health counselor position o The search over the summer failed and is being restarted o Hoping for a January 2, 2019 start date • Telepsychiatry partnership with Kittitas Valley Health is being actively explored o Insight Telepsychiatry is being considered o Minimum contract is 8 hours for 47 weeks @ $185/hr = $69,560 § Board of Trustee’s proposal set psychiatry at $22,000 • Thus, need to explore partnerships o University of Washington does not appear to be a viable option Other Updates • Counseling Office renovations are complete o There are sufficient offices for when we are fully staffed, but not to add the additional 4 counselors proposed in phase II of BoT proposal § We have maybe one more large office that could be remodeled • Site visit for reaccreditation of doctoral internship was completed September 28, 2018 o Feedback session with site visitors was very positive o Will receive site visit report in approximately 1 month and then have 1 month to respond with any corrections or additions o Outcome will not be known until late April or early May • Held a very nice retirement celebration for 3 departing, long-time staff members o Rhonda McKinney, Interim Executive Director o Janet Noyes, Program Supervisor o Barb Stanley, Registered Nurse • New staff, including 2 permanent staff, 3 new doctoral interns, and 2 new graduate assistants, appear to be acclimating well to the counseling services • Working on a pilot of a new program called “Let’s Talk,” modeled after a program at Cornell University, and used by a number of universities across the country o Puts counselors in key units or departments to offer brief consultation (not therapy) to students to overcome barriers and serve students not really needing therapy, but could benefit from some expert contact o Athletics and Music are willing to pilot o Developing policies and procedures now, with roll out winter quarter at latest

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