Counseling Center Resource Utilization by Students Data from 2016-2017 were analyzed to determine how counseling center resources were distributed among students seeking services. The following points describe how all counseling center appointments were utilized by 150,255 students across participating CCMH centers in 2016-2017:

• The most common number of appointments per client/per year is one (1). • Clients averaged 5.61 total appointments with a range of 1-123 appointments. • 20% of clients accounted for 56% of all appointments, averaging 15 appointments. • 10% of clients accounted for 38% of all appointments, averaging 20 appointments. • 5% of clients accounted for 24% of all appointments, averaging 25 appointments. • 1% of clients accounted for 7% of all appointments, averaging 38 appointments. • 10 clients utilized a total of 1,025 appointments.

Standardized Data Set (SDS) The Standardized Data Set (SDS) is a set of standardized data materials used by counseling centers during routine clinical practice. In this section we provide a closer analysis on selected forms from the SDS: the Clinician Index of Client Concerns (CLICC); the Termination Form; and client, provider, center, and institutional demographic information. Clinician Index of Client Concerns (CLICC) The CLICC was designed by CCMH to capture the most common presenting concerns of counseling center clients, as assessed and reported by the clinician, at the point of intake or equivalent appointment. The resulting data allow individual centers and CCMH to quickly and easily determine the most common client concerns. The CLICC includes 44 presenting concerns and asks the clinician (a) to check all that apply and (b) to identify the “top concern” of those selected.

Average Number of Attended Individual Sessions A common question among counseling centers is: What is the average number of counseling sessions attended by clients? To examine this question, we reviewed the 2016- 2017 appointment data for initial clinical evaluations and any individual counseling session: 1. Total number of attended appointments (initial clinical evaluation and individual counseling): 545,310 2. Total number of clients who attended appointments in A: 119,710 3. Average number of attended counseling sessions per client (A divided by B): 4.56 This analysis of actual appointment attendance data across 141 institutions and approximately 545,000 appointments indicates that clients attend slightly less than five sessions of individual counseling on average.


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