Hiring More Staff Is Not the Answer An Unsustainable Cycle


...Have Prompted Recognition that Something Needs to Change

Demand for mental health support is rapidly growing on Canadian campuses. In response, we have poured more and more resources into clinical support services. Despite the additional investment, both waiting times and student distress are increasing .” Andre Costopoulos Vice-Provost and Dean of Students University of Alberta We have been throwing money at this problem for years and it is an endless pit. Our numbers just keep going up. Hiring more therapists is not the answer. We now know that we can’t staff our way out of this problem .” Vice President for Student Affairs Public Research University

Ongoing Investments in Counseling Center Staff…

Of institutions gained FTE clinical or professional staff in 2015-16 Number of FTE staff counseling centers gained for every 1 lost in 2015-16, up from 3.9 in 2014-15


6.3 FTE

Source: The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors, Annual Survey Monograph 2016,; Constopoulos A, “Our Role is to Support Students When They Are Ready to be Students, University Affairs , August 25, 2017 ,; EAB interviews and analysis.

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