Medical Patient Comments

How well are student needs being met by the clinic?

Great! Very well done. Always satisfied They are being met adequately. Good Very well Well Very well, the people here have helped me a lot I believe they are. Kinda.. Being met completely and if not they will find away to. As far as providing medical services needed around college age, the clinic does a great job at that Very well, I am very thankful for their services.

Very well other than the waiting time before an appointment is open Really well in my opinion especially with all my complicated issues My experience has been very satisfactory, so i would say well. Very well i always feel comfortable and welcome I think they are being met at the most possible way needed Perfect My needs have always been met Mine are met at least. However, being sick can make it difficult to get to the clinic Different practitioners are better at meet student health needs. They are being met well! Lots of opportunities to be helped and taken care of.

How important do you think it is to continue to offer medical services on campus?

 The On-campus clinic is very helpful for students that are not from the area to not have to look for a practitioner who is relia- ble and covered by insurance  Very important. Having the clinic close to campus and off campus housing is very convenient. The process to make an ap- pointment online is super easy for anyone to figure out.  It is very important. I love this resource I have.  EXTREMELY important. This is the only healthcare most of us can afford.  Very important because it’s nice to be able to come to the doctors and have it be charged to my student account because some people may not have the money right then to pay  Very important gives students a place to go for any health issues/problems and questions  Extremely important. I wouldn’t be feeling as well as I do without these services.  100 and 10 percent needed  Very important, students need close medical facilities that also are not expensive  Extremely important! This clinic keeps me going to school while struggling with my help. It is extremely convenient and I would have so much more trouble getting by without it.  Its convenient and easy, so i think its important to keep the clinic  I believe this is very important. I use the clinic to get the medication I need that keeps me out of bed and makes functioning daily possible,  I think it is a great resource and a huge necessity for our campus  Very I wouldn’t be in school today without it  Very important since it is the only health care or counseling some students have  I am adamant that the school continues to offer these services  I think it’s really important especially for the students that don’t have a car like myself  It’s very important. I am here because I have no other medical resources and it’s the only thing keeping me enrolled right now.  Very! Many students depend upon it  The medical services offered by the SMACC are critical to students like me with continuing health concerns. The SMACC helps me to be able to continue staying in Ellensburg instead of returning home to seek treatment. STI and pregnancy testing being easily accessible to college students is also very crucial to preventing the spread of infections and maintaining women’s health.  Extremely important! Hospitals can be scary or not the right service but this place has many options.  Extremely important. The smacc Is easy and effective.


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