Medical Patient Comments Continued

Are there medical services that you need that are not offered by the clinic? The vast majority of patients responded that they could not think of additional services that the medical clinic could provide in order to meet their healthcare needs. Two sugges- tions for services already offered (x-rays and hormone replacement therapy) are services offered by the clinic, suggesting there may be a need for more patient education about the variety of services offered by the medical clinic. Some students had suggestions for addi- tional services, either based on their own needs or perceived needs of other students.

 I would like more online scheduling but that’s getting better  Vision  All services I have needed are here, but there is not enough.  Rape kit not for me but in general  Psychiatrist. 

Holistic treatment planning. I likely have a condition that will require lifestyle changes to treat, and I’m at a loss of what to do. I would also like to see some resources offered for financial planning of treatments, someone to help me figure out health insurance options and treatments I can afford.  Gynecologist  Allergy/Lactose Intolerance Testing  Urgent care  Physical therapy  Ultrasounds  Psychiatrist, and therapists trained and experienced in Serious Mental Illness

Expressed Concerns: 

There are not enough appointments open, ever. I have had a few medical emergencies this year and have tried to come here but ended up having to go to the ER or the urgent clinic. This is a college campus - there needs to be more availability and an urgent/emergency option in place.  More students could benefit from the clinic if they understood how it could help them  Not enough appointments  There needs to be more information on the services offered on the website.

Other comments:  This is an excellent and welcoming facility, I would recommend it to anyone!


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