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Hosted by: ELIZABETH BRANTLEY, MIDLANDS AREA PROGRAM DIRECTOR FOR THE ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION FEB 12 // 12 PM - “Living with Alzheimer’s For Middle Stage Caregivers” In the middle stage of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, needs change and care partners become hands-on caregivers. Join us for this one hour program to hear caregivers and professionals discuss helpful strategies to provide safe, effective and comfortable care in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s. - “Living with Alzheimer’s For Late Stage Caregivers” In the late stage of Alzheimer’s and dementia, care giving typically involves new ways of connecting and engaging with the person with the disease. Join us for this hour program and hear from caregivers and professionals as they discuss resources and tips for providing care for and making meaningful connections with a person living with late-stage Alzheimer’s. FEB 26 // 12 PM

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