Bounce Back PT: Aquatic Therapy

WHATARE THE BENEFITS OF AQUATIC THERAPY? The Bounce Back Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

Aside from alleviating pain and speeding recovery, aquatic therapy has a number of other benefits, as well, including: Begin Recovery Sooner: Aquatic therapy allows patients to begin therapy sooner than land-based therapy allows. Less Joint Stress: Aquatic therapy allows for walking, running, and various movement activities without full weight-bearing.

Maximize Movement: The resistance of the water allows patients to maximize each and every movement in a nearly pain-free environment. This also gives patients a great aerobic workout. Hydrostatic Pressure: The hydrostatic pressure of the water allows for decreasing edema in the extremities. Relaxation: Aquatic therapy decreases muscle tension and allows for a better relaxation response. And so much more!

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