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Business cards don’t have the same presence they once did. These little pieces of card stock were once a vital part of professional networking, but they’ve become more of a niche item these days. So, should we consider the business card dead? Not so fast! There was a time when it seemed that the business card was legitimately on its way out and social media was poised to take over as the business-connection solution. While some websites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have become popular networking tools, they certainly haven’t rendered the business card obsolete. The business card provides a snapshot of your business to someone you may want to work with in the future. It’s an easy way to instantly hand someone your contact info — no fumbling around to find your smartphone or a relevant app. And that person will have a physical reminder of your name. But in 2018, your business card can’t be boring if you want to catch someone’s attention. It needs to convey key information in a simple, professional way while also Are Business Cards Sti l l Relevant?

standing out. That’s no easy task. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a business card:

Have purpose. Before you order cards, decide how you will use them. Don’t invest in cards that are going to sit in a desk drawer for the next five years. Keep the design clean. The idea is to capture the attention of the recipient, not overwhelm them. If the information on your card isn’t clear, the card is useless. Only say what is necessary — name, profession, contact info, and a brief description of the service you provide — and leave it at that.

Let your creativity shine. When you hand someone a well- designed business card — one that goes beyond a boring white

rectangle — they keep it. Let your card reflect you and your business. Don’t be afraid to step out of the 2-by-3.5- inch box.

3 REASONS K BUILDINGS ARE READY FOR YOUR MICHIGAN SUMMER Steel Structures Ready to Stand the Test of Time

most critical parts of the rigidity of your structure. Already have a foundation? A K Building is the perfect option to place on an existing base as well. Frames The combination of steel frames and wind-bracing rods gives your K Building superior wind resistance. As if that’s not enough, the steel-frame construction will provide it with the longevity that a wood post can’t promise. Covering K Buildings come custom-designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. They come painted with a product that has been proven to assist in durability and heat reflection. Combine all of these aspects with hefty 5/8- inch anchor bolts, and you’re on your way to having the perfect building for a lifetime. Central Michigan Roofing is a certified dealer of K Buildings and their amazing products. If you have more questions about applications or the steel used in these structures, contact us today.

Michigan summers can be completely unpredictable. The morning may be muggy with blazing sun, and by afternoon, you may have a wild thunderstorm rocking the foundation of your home. It’s for this reason that rural laborers and commercial contractors alike need a trusted resource for their structures. Whether it’s for farm storage or a full-blown business complex, a K Building is your go-to option. Here are three reasons your K Building will stand up to anything mother nature throws at it.

Foundation With three different options for

foundations, you have the freedom to explore the base that is right for your lot. Whether it’s a pier, a mono slab, or a wall, these three foundation options allow you to fully customize one of the

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