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June 2018




father, so do my children model their behavior after me.

The actions of a father speak volumes to their children. Kids are always watching and picking up on everything you do. When a father chooses the right path, it’s easy for the children to follow. I believe that a father’s role is to raise a child with healthy boundaries. Instilling qualities like discipline and dedication is no easy task, but it’s crucial to the development of a well- rounded adult. At the same time, it’s imperative to be a loving parent who is understanding. June is the month of Father’s Day, so plan on spending some extra time with your kids so they can remember us for who we truly are. My kids love to head to the pond out back and go fishing. Just the other night, one of my boys reeled in a dozen bluegill. My daughter is younger, but she’s always the first to greet me when I come home. We also like to have great games of kickball or softball out in the yard or card games on Sundays. Moments like these make being a father the most rewarding experience in my life. – Emanuel Herschberger Spending time with your kids is the best way to impart these values.

shirt on his back to you if you needed it. Having him as a father modeled parenting for me in a way that I don’t believe I can ever replace. When it was my turn to be a father, I think I may have found the transition smoother than most people do because of the foundation my Dad gave me. I didn’t pick up every aspect of fatherhood right away. I missed a few things. But I learned more than I lost. What I find interesting is that just as I modeled parenting after my

There are very few things that can replace a relationship with your

resides just outside of our comfort zones. I was well into my 30s before I learned to love my dad for who he was and not for who I thought he should be. The truth is, God knew long before we showed up on this earth that we would be family.

His selflessness outdoes his words of encouragement — He’d give the

What do you call a horse that moves around a lot? Unstable!

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