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Description This USBFTV™ kit includes all components necessary to build up a totally 360° EMI shielded receptacle. This kit is mainly composed of an 360° backshell and the USB receptacle with PCB with 4 tinned holes for solder termination. With this receptacle kit provided without cable, you have to solder the cable on the PCB. You can find below, wires and shielding wire cabling specifications. We recommend to use our reinforced USB cable page 53. If you prefer to use your own cable, please check with us to see if your USB cable is compatible. In the case you need a complete 360° EMI shield receptacle already mounted with a define length of cable, please consult us.

Overall dimension Receptacle - Square flange receptacle - 4 mounting holes - Shell type 2 - Back terminations type 2

Panel drilling

Receptacle - Jam nut receptacle - Hexagonal nut mounting - Shell type 7 - Back terminations type 2

Panel drilling

Part number for Square flange receptacle

Part number for Jam nut receptacle


KIT40263 KIT40263G KIT40263ZN

KIT40245 KIT40245G KIT40245ZN


Olive drab cadmium

Black zinc nickel plating

: RoHS compliant

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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