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USBFTVX connectors are the same as the standard USBFTV™, but in addition, they are certified for use in explosive environments. This range is fitted to be used in Atex zone 2 environments and 100% tested at 500V during 1 minute without sparking.

How to order : Please refer to page 91

Overall dimension Plug - Shell type 6

Part number type: USBFTVX 6 X

Receptacle - Square flange receptacle - 4 mounting holes - Shell type 2 - USB-A or Open cordset

Part number type: USBFTVX 2S X 2 X XX A

Part number type: USBFTVX 2S X 2 X XX OPEN

Panel drilling

JE15 Panel Gasket

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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