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The transversally sealed receptacle is in all aspects equivalent to the standard and in addition, is improved with compound at the rear of the receptacle. This will prevent the sealing of the receptacle when unmated with his plug or protective cap. The hermetic solution, as the transversally sealed one is compounded at the rear of the receptacle. Helium leakage is less than 1.10-6 cm 3 per second [0.1 micron cubit ft per hour] at one bar [15 psi] pressure differential. This test is performed on all of the hermetic receptacles.

Main features

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS - Tri Start Thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 series III type) with anti-decoupling device - Shell size 15 - 2 mechanical coding/polarization possibilities by the user (receptacle insert rotation) - Sealed against fluids and dusts (IP68) - Shock, vibration and traction resistant - No cabling operation in field and no tools required - Improved EMI protection - USBFTV plug retention in the receptacle: 100 N in the axis - Mating cycles: 500 minimum

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - Sealing (when mated): IP68 (temporary immersion) - Salt spray: - 48 h with nickel plating - 500 h with olive drab cadmium - 500 h with black zinc nickel - 1000 h with marine bronze shell - Fire retardant / Low smoke: UL94 V0 and EN45545

- Vibrations: 10 - 500 Hz, 10 g, 3 axes: no discontinuity > 1micro s - Shocks: IK06 > weight of 250 g drop from 40 cm [15.75 in] onto connectors (mated pair) - Temperature range: - 40°C / +85°C APPLICATIONS - Battlefield communication systems - C5ISR - Data acquisition and transmission in harsh environment - Navy - Rail Mass Transit - Industrial process control - Robotics - CNC machines - Oil & Gas

DATA TRANSMISSION - USB-B - USB specification 2.0 - Data rate: up to 480 Mb/s for high speed USB

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USB cable type «OPEN»

: RoHS compliant

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