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Description The USBBFTV enhanced design allows you to mount the connector shell directly on the PC board. Soldering your contacts directly on the board saves you a lot of space inside of your system. As this double- flange of this connector is directly fixed on the board, mechanical stresses are absorbed by the shell and not the contacts. In addition to this benefit, the sealing is improved by the compounded receptacle.

Overall dimension

Receptacle - Square flange receptacle - 4 mounting holes - Shell type 2 - PC Tails

4 Holes M3 Thru all

PCB Layout

Panel drilling

Part number


USBBF TV 2 5 N F459 USBBF TV 2 5 G F459 USBBF TV 2 5 ZN F459


Olive drab cadmium

Black Zinc Nickel

: RoHS compliant

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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