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DON’T LET YOUR PROJECT GET WASTED BY POOR PLANNING By Julie Stilo, President, Stilo Disposal, IG @stilodisposal When starting a commercial or residential project, there can be an overwhelming number of factors to consider. You must order raw materials, coordinate the project schedule, and adhere to an often-strict deadline. And I am here to remind you to always include proper waste disposal in your plan! Whether you’re a residential homeowner doing your first renovation project, a seasoned builder or a commercial cleaning company, waste disposal is a critical but often overlooked component of a successful build or remodel. It’s important to consider the different ways laws and regulations can impact solid waste removal in the counties you may be building in. I have personally come across so many people in New Jersey who are unaware that disposal rules and regulations vary by county. Until I had a career in waste removal, I didn’t know either! Ultimately the disposal location can have a significant impact on the cost (time, county fees and permits, fuel) to remove mixed materials from job site. For builders in New Jersey, one important factor to consider when starting up a project is disposal costs. It’s crucial to contact a reliable disposal company. But what is a reliable disposal company? It is a company with the expertise to accurately estimate the size of your job and how many containers will be necessary. However, that is not all that your disposal company must do well. The company you hire must also be knowledgeable of the many different local laws and regulations that may impact the cost. For example, if you have been doing business in Monmouth County and are considering building in Union County, you’d want to know that the per ton cost to dispose of waste in Union County is significantly higher than Monmouth County. If you were to price out a job based on what you’re familiar with paying in Monmouth County, you’d be at a loss at the end of your project when you’ve overpaid in disposal fees, and haven’t considered pricing that into your project. Price is undoubtedly important (and maybe even the deciding factor), however service is everything. When considering hiring a disposal company to handle your roll-off containers, make sure to do your due diligence. Confirm the company is reputable and timely with their service. Butch Wade, Stilo Disposal’s Director of Business Development and Roll-Off Sales, says “if I were to give you a container at no cost to you, but didn’t service it, what is that worth?” Much success is a result of careful planning. While it is virtually impossible to plan for every scenario, it is essential that you and your company consider worst case disposal needs. Identify your waste disposal company and create a relationship today. The best way to be ready for the unexpected is to be expecting it!

What would you like to see more of in 2023 from Metro and its members? I would love to get more involved with our future generation of business men & women. Our youth will greatly impact the future of our industry and the more we can get young people involved in the trades and business, the more the whole industry will benefit. Are you a part of any Metro Committees? Yes, I am a part of the Professional Women in Building committee that Linda Garvey is chair of. Linda suggested I join. I am so glad that I did! What are you listening to? Right now, I have been loving George Strait. I love country music, new and old. I am also a huge fan of Pearl Jam! What are you reading? I am reading various books on horses and horsemanship right now. I love Mark Rashid, he is an incredible storyteller and horseman. How do you relax and disconnect? I love to spend time with my horse. When I’m up at the barn, time seems to disappear. It makes me feel truly connected to the present moment. Favorite Color: To wear, black! In life, pink! Favorite Place: Idaho. I love spending time in the Sawtooth Mountains. It’s my favorite place on earth. Favorite tool: A hair tie! Any Favorite Project you have worked on? Can I say myself? I love the journey of becoming who I am.

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