Quality assurance framework

Role expectations National Trainers Competent National Trainers will demonstrate all the listed attributes, as well as the attributes expected of Instructor Members.

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1. Role model excellence in adhering to MHFA

4. Actively engage with and be supportive of quality assurance procedures and activities in relation to the (face-to-face and online) MHFA England Instructor Training programme, upskill, and recap

England policies and procedures

2. Actively respond to all MHFA England communications about course deliveries and programme deliveries in a timely manner 3. Cultivate knowledge and understanding of the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in each new cohort of Instructor Members


5. Remain considerate and mindful of own safety and wellbeing by managing stress containers and maintaining an appropriate work/life balance

Knowledge and understanding

6. Demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of MHFA England’s vision and

and online) MHFA England Instructor Training programme, upskills, and recaps for which they are



7. Demonstrate thorough working knowledge and understanding of the content, key messages and learning for learners for the (face-to-face

8. Demonstrate understanding of desired learner



9. Demonstrate excellent facilitation skills by relating content to context and deepening knowledge of

12. Be sufficiently IT proficient to proactively manage learners and problem solve technical issues experienced as part of online deliveries, and signpost learners to any further required technical


10. Successfully manage relationships between learners, considering complexities of power dynamics based on race, gender, sexual


13. Develop strong and effective mentoring

orientation, and disability

relationships with mentees

11. Be sufficiently IT proficient to enable successful training course and programme deliveries and learner management using the Online Learning

14. Appropriately navigate questions and challenge misconceptions that might arise related to

privilege and racism

Hub and any other platforms used


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