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AswefinishupEaster (starting thedaywith40 eggs and only being able to find 39), it always seems like there’s one thing, whether it’s that elusive Easter egg or that one task that you never get to on your to do list. It seems like there’s always just one thing that we either miss or need to focus more on. That brings me to an interesting point. I read this book called “The One Thing,” and in this book, is something that has stuckwithme. It keeps coming up in circles that I run in and the quotegoes like this: “What is theone thing that you can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” So for the clinic, what is my one thing? For my home, what is my one thing? For myself personally, what ismy one thing? The answer seems to always be about FAMILY. What’s the one thing that I can do today with my family, with my Clinic family, and with my patient family, such that everything else is easier or unnecessary? Yesterday, the one thing was a bike ride with my daughter. Today, it was an Easter egg hunt and grilling out with my family. Tomorrow, it’s going to be taking care of each individual the best way I can. Making my employees feel special. It may be a meeting that takes

care of 12 issues at once and propels our staff forward. But the one thing that is near and dear to me right this very minute, is making every moment last with my 18-year-old graduating daughter, Sophie. So...why would I tell you this? Funny you ask. Many of you know we’re going on a mission trip to Peru in June. This was her idea and I jumped at the opportunity to spend thatmuch one-on-one, special time with my daughter while serving Christ. We’re still raisingmoney for this trip, so if you feel moved, please run by the office and stop by the donation box set up in the lobby. If you don’t want to stop by, you can donate online at classy.org/fundraiser/1857578 . BUT...In the meantime, WHAT IS YOUR ONE THING? Figure it out and focus your energy there.Think about it like dominoes. Sometimes you just have to tip the first one to get themomentum; you just have to line them up correctly. See what happens. Jeremy


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