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A Neighborly Evolution 2017: New Beginnings Make it Your Year The Design Your Life™ Team Challenge The Art of Motorcycle Riding The Grounds Guys of Germantown Upgrade to Exmark Spreader & Sprayer Online Marketing Tactics to Win Business in 2017 Canadian Corner: YP Advertising Opportunities Branching Out 5 Questions with Franchisee Chris Sahadath ProTradeNet® Update: 5 Reasons to Use PTN Vendors WeCARE Day

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CONTRIBUTIONS: DWYER GROUP, INC. Mike Bidwell, President, CEO Dina-Dwyer Owens, Co-Chair Mary Kennedy - Thompson, Chief Operating Officer Holly Peterson, Marketing Manager, Canada THE GROUNDS GUYS LLC Michael Green, President Dianna Worthington , Vice President of Operations Barry Marusak, Brand Manager PROTRADENET LLC Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist ART & PRODUCTION Michael McCullough , Creative Director Joshua Tynes, Graphic Designer Shelley Blaszak , Senior Communications Manager



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To be a world class company admired for the excellence that customers, franchisees and associates experience with Dwyer Group ® .

To teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier and more successful lives.

A Neighborly EVOLUTION

by: Mike Bidwell , Chief Executive Officer, Dwyer Group ®

O ver the last year, I have been discussing how more brands matter to you. We are in the midst of a transition of consumer shopping preferences. Look at what is happening to online purchases of goods. You can look to the success of Amazon to appreciate this. Online sales have put the squeeze on traditional big box retailers such as Best Buy. Walmart recently announced they are cutting back on their physical store capital investment in favor of offering a more robust online marketplace. They do not want the likes of Amazon eating into their market share (any more than they already have). Most of us have now become comfortable with purchasing online; I prefer it. Services are the next e-commerce frontier. Amazon, porch. com, Angie’s List, and others see it as the next big opportunity. No doubt they are in for a huge learning experience. In selling products, online retailers have mastered providing a very high- level consumer shopping experience by exerting a high degree of control over their digital presence, the supply chain and the delivery chain. This isn’t nearly as easily pulled off in the services space, but many of these disruptors are smart and have extensive resources. However, they are missing one critical piece. The service provider. We have what they don’t. We are best positioned to deliver a consistently high consumer experience. Providing a consistent consumer experience will be an important part of

trying to replicate the success achieved with online product sales. I believe we have the best model to accomplish that; local commitment trained to deliver a service in a specific manner, using national sophistication and systems. This is very difficult to pull off without a franchise model. While these changing market dynamics are potentially a threat, they also present a huge opportunity. We are aware, and we are acting. At Reunion, we announced our plan, and on March 27 we launched our Neighborly™ (Neighbourly™ for our Canadian neighbors) umbrella brand. We had already had a long-term vision of being able to extend customers from one brand to others. Those customers are buying services somewhere – let’s keep them in our Neighborhood! We have been acquiring additional brands to provide a more complete offering to the consumer in this regard. We must have enough of what they need to be relevant. More brands matter. We are at a pivotal point in our evolution as a company. We have created a new brand, a household name, a destination to find trusted and vetted service providers for the things consumers need. If we didn’t do it, someone else would have. We would have spent 35 years getting ready for this moment. We will need your full engagement to execute on this opportunity so that we can continue to meet (and continue to exceed) our customers’ evolving preferences.

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By Michael Green

A s stated in my March 17 introductory email, I am honored to join The Grounds Guys® team and am grateful to Chris Elmore’s many years of service

Small Business Development Center. I’m proud to say the majority of owners are still operating their businesses today. In addition, I served several years in operations and sales at a few Fortune 500 companies, including Owens Corning Fiberglas, Xerox Corporation and Aramark Corp. So, I like to think that I know a thing or two about business and your needs as a business owner. Since joining Dwyer Group in 2012, I have enjoyed holding several positions across the organization. I began and worked as a Mr. Rooter® Franchise Consultant for three years before my promotion to Vice President of Operations for Mr. Appliance® in 2015. In the past two years, I helped our team achieve new heights of growth and profitability. Over the next few months, I look forward to talking to and meeting as many of you as possible. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

and dedication to the franchise owners. I’m also excited about working alongside The Grounds Guys corporate team. This staff is highly knowledgeable, skilled and fiercely dedicated to your success. This is a winning combination that I look forward to helping support and grow in the future. I have had the opportunity to see The Grounds Guys in action at Reunion and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be your partner in growth. I promise you this: I will do everything in my power to take our brand to the next level, together. To help you get to know me a little better, I wanted to give you a high-level background on myself. I am an entrepreneur at heart. Not only did I sell my own successful business prior to coming to Dwyer Group®, I also helped coach hundreds of future business owners, as Director of the Small Business Association’s

(254) 745-2552 |

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Make 2017 YOUR YEAR

By DiannaWorthington

Y ou may have heard “2017 is filled with new beginnings at The Grounds Guys®”. Fundamentally speaking, this is the year of you. You and your business. We are poised for

growth with new opportunities in residential service offerings, with new technology streamlining the way we do business, and in new markets giving us a broader reach across North America. How do you fit into this strategic growth plan ensuring you have positioned your business to reap the benefits? 1. Know Your Market Do you understand the market scope within your territory and are you maximizing your business mix accordingly or choosing to concentrate your efforts on a single-market strategy? Understanding the opportunities available in both commercial and residential markets will open up a customer base that will prove to be not only lucrative, but will allow you to gain market share in otherwise untapped service verticals. ACTION: Perform a SWOT with your Franchise Consultant on your market capabilities, your business mix and the financial health of your business. current area of expertise can be a tricky process. Invest in yourself as a leader, understand your capabilities and plan to hire to your weaknesses. Alongside this personal development plan, identify areas in your business for growth based on your SWOT analysis and prepare a business plan or strategy. Once the plan is in place, utilize Brand tools such as the RAREToolbox, the GROW Program and Grounds Guys Academy to recruit, train and retain your best talent. ACTION: With the help of your Franchise Consultant, prepare a Pro Forma Financial Statement to help create a sound plan of action before implementing. 2. Prepare For Growth Staffing and training your team for growth beyond your

3. Implement for Success Follow-through on best-laid plans can become overwhelming in the scope of the day-to-day workload. Delegating is a leader’s best resource, but canoften be the least used. Embrace letting go of the reigns and give your people responsibilities that will contribute to their own personal growth and development. Equip your team with the right tools, empower them with professional training and encourage them to follow through. ACTION: Update your organizational chart to reflect a clear path of leadership within the company. Register your team for various schools through Grounds Guys Academy to expand your capabilities. 4. Measure Your Progress A plan is a good plan if checked, measured, and refined. A plan is a great plan if it works. Delegating tasks to team members is your best resource, but it will not find success if accountability doesn’t follow. You are the agent of accountability ensuring tasks are completed on time, have met desired outcomes and have been implemented with excellence. Scheduling periodic reviews are critical when implementing change in a growth strategy. Discipline yourself to follow through and follow up. ACTION: Schedule monthly calls with your Franchise Consultant to review your Profit and Loss statement. Understand benchmarks and KPI’s specific to your current growth plan. Make 2017 your year – the year you create a plan for growth, the year you manage the process, and the year you see benchmarks not only met, but exceeded.

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by Dina Dwyer-Owens , Co-Chair, Dwyer Group ®

After all, the same ideals that attracted you to the business could be just as valuable in recruiting and retaining the employees who help you run that business. It goes back to one of the key messages in the original Code of Values that Don Dwyer Sr. outlined when he created Dwyer Group: “We believe in the untapped potential of every human being, every person we help achieve their potential fulfills our mission.” Every Person Can Benefit fromDesign Your Life At the corporate level, we offer the Design Your Life program to every person who joins the organization. That includes members of the leadership team, franchise owners, associates across our brands…at all levels. Every person has untapped potential. Every person should set targets that a job can help them realize. Every person should design his or her life. And the same idea applies to your team at your business in your city fulfilling your mission. Making Time is the Key to Reaching Targets We know franchise owners are busy. And that can be magnified by busy days for service professionals, CSRs, sales associates and more. The key is making time for the team. That extra loyalty towards your business exists in a Design Your Life program where everyone benefits and collectively realizes their full potential by being part of the business. We could jump into new-owner business training at Dwyer Group and skip DYL inWaco. We could be solely focused on teaching you the systems to run your business. But we don’t do that. Instead, we put DYL on the schedule and invite you to define where you want the business to ultimately take you! Without that clarity the business will run you. Imagine if every member of your business went through that same exercise. They wouldn’t just have a job, they would be on mission! All it takes is three hours on a Saturday morning where you invite teammembers, their spouses and significant others, and ask them to do more than just dream about their futures. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that kind of weekend? With the entire program divided into chapters that are easy to follow, every attendee should have a clearly written target by the end of the session.

T arget-setting is one of the hardest things to do when your life and your job are consumed with living in the moment. You know what that’s like. Today’s calls, today’s problems, and today’s solutions are filling the calendar and there’s no time to waste. But, guess what? You’re wasting the most precious time that exists if you’re not thinking beyond today for what you want in your life tomorrow. And free time is not falling in your lap to plan for where you want to go. So unless you schedule time to make those plans and set those goals, you’ll never actually get there. If this sounds familiar, it should. This is the very Design Your Life (DYL) approach that every new franchise owner goes through in new business training. And why do we have that class? Because, across Dwyer Group service brands, there is that very real idea that nobody wants to work forever. In fact, one of the reasons people invest in our proven franchise systems is hopefully so they won’t work forever, but instead journey on a path towards higher targets in life. Those dreams should feel like a possibility with the Design Your Life program. Perhaps you want to pass on a successful business to your children when you’re ready to retire. It may be to create a nest egg and buy the ranch house in the country. You might want to go on mission trips or travel to faraway places. You get to decide, and then you get to set the targets in your business that will get you there. But while you’re at it, why not teach those same principles to your employees?

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“Your bike– likeyour life –will gowherever you’re looking.”


B ack at the turn of the century my Dad invited me for a motorcycle ride to the Grand Canyon. He invited me under the auspices that he had a brand new motorcycle he wanted to test and thought it would give us special time together. He was right. What I did not know when I accepted his invitation was he had another motive for the ride. He had a lesson to share with me and the motorcycle was (pun intended) the vehicle for that lesson. His motorcycle was equipped with helmets that allowed the driver and passenger to talk with one another so for five hours he shared his wisdom and reminded me how important it is to take in the view and consciously decide where I wanted to look. We ended the ride at the Grand Canyon arriving a few minutes before the sun began setting. I was in awe of the beauty all around me. Then my Dad invited me to sit on a bench with him to watch the sun set as he finished his lesson. He told me that life is like riding a motor cycle. Your bike – like your life – will go where you’re looking. If you’re looking in the wrong direction you’ll get fixated on the wrong thing and likely crash. This is particularly true when making turns on your path. Nine times out of ten the bike is capable of getting you around the corner but you must look where you want to go. And he said you must learn to look as far down the road as you can because the best riders are not surprised. Instead they anticipate the road and the turns. The best drivers also are constantly moving their machines down the road to the best driving conditions. He had taken me on the ride because he thought I had been looking in the wrong direction and he was right. At that time in my life I was focused on negative things and had forgotten about looking where I wanted to go. His wisdom and mentoring helped me refocus, find the right road, and look in the direction of success. I also learned that day that in our lives we may know someone who needs to be handed a hard and heavy brick. We see this with some on our teams, in our families and with close friends. We can throw the brick at them likely causing harm or we can hand them the brick carefully and with kindness in a way they can best accept it. That day I was handed a brick with love and care. by Mary Kennedy - Thompson , Chief Operating Officer, Dwyer Group®

I share this story with you as a reminder that as we ride our motorcycles in life our focus will make one of the biggest differences in the quality of the ride. Really successful people have mentors in their life to help them grow faster and stronger I grow best by looking in the direction I want to go and looking as far down the road as possible Driving conditions on the road require us to navigate toward the best road possible

Everyone we mentor will be best served when we hand them their bricks with care and kindness

I encourage you to find a mentor for one place in your business where you need improvement or to look on a different direction. It's also important

to offer to mentor someone where you are strong. Are you looking in the right direction? If not, changing that is the most important thing you can do today.

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Direct 440.895.6394 Toll Free 800.860.0090

Vice President - Sales |

Get What You Need. Our stores feature an an open floor plan, stocked shelves and experts on staff. You’ll be sure to quickly get what you came for. Hundreds of vendors, thousands of items, unparalleled service professionals.

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Upgrade to Exmark Spreader & Spraye r

of Germantown

M emphis, Tennessee-area landscape professionals Fain and Sandra Dalton, owners of The Grounds Guys® of Germantown, are at the top of their game. They were named The Grounds Guys’ 2016 Franchisees of the Year at the 2016 Dwyer Group® Reunion. The Daltons are in their seventh year of business where their teams perform a wide variety of services, including lawn and landscape maintenance, tree care, and weed/pest control, as well as irrigation and landscape installation, outdoor lighting and power washing, among others. According to Fain Dalton, The Grounds Guys of Germantown began offering chemical application services to clients in early 2016, primarily relying on a 250-gallon tank and spray hose setup for application. Granular fertilizer and chemical application have been handled to-date with walk-behind spreaders. This year, the Daltons will use a new Exmark stand-on Spreader-Sprayer and will share the experience with The Grounds Guys’ system. Fain Dalton said he’s looking forward to letting chemical expert, Spencer Smith, put the new Exmark Spreader-Sprayer to work. With more than 30 years of chemical application experience, Smith’s perspective will be valuable in evaluating the

performance and productivity gains of the stand-on machine relative to the company’s other equipment. “I’m especially interested to see how the Exmark machine does on the larger properties we often maintain,” Dalton said. The Daltons were just the fifth Grounds Guys franchisee, and since opening in 2010, business has grown steadily, averaging 20-percent annual growth. Approximately 80 percent of The Grounds Guys of Germantown’s business is serving commercial clients, with the remainder focused on residential clients in the Memphis area. Fain Dalton said he initially plans to use the Exmark Spreader- Sprayer to spread lime on the properties he maintains. The large 175-pound hopper capacity and maneuverable lean-to-steer controls should give him the ability to cover more ground with unmatched application precision. The self-propelled stand-on design of the Exmark machine should also decrease worker fatigue. Employees will stay fresh and remain more productive each day, particularly on their large commercial properties. Stay tuned for an update on the Dalton’s experience with the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer in upcoming e-newsletters and the next edition of Top Seed, due out in June 2017.

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Online Marketing Tactics TO WIN IN 2017

By Barry Marusak

T he Marketing team wants to help you win business by building your brand awareness through paid and organic (free) online marketing tactics. I have identified three important areas all owners need to consider in your local marketing strategy to attract residential clients this year: 1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Our digital marketing partner, Scorpion has vast experience running successful online advertising campaigns. Incorporating paid advertising into your local marketing strategy will drive a steady stream of high-quality leads to your business. PPC advertising is a great way to improve your presence on Google, which is where a majority of new customers access The Grounds Guys website. Many owners already have campaigns running with Scorpion and see a substantial return on investment. For those of you who haven’t yet begun, contact your Scorpion Marketing Manager, Chelsea Hall to discuss your spring and summer services, targeting and pricing. 2. Website and Local Listings Your existing contribution to the MAP fund pays for additional services from Scorpion, and I can’t emphasize the importance of accurate, online listings and customizing your local website. Scorpion has claimed owners’ online listings, which can entice prospective customers to look at your business versus a competitor. Online listings require continuous improvement and one thing you can do is to continuously provide great customer service and seek positive online reviews. Recent research shows that 89% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a referral from a friend or family member! Responding to positive and negative reviews through your Scorpion dashboard are critical in today’s online shopping environment. You can work with Scorpion to customize your local website to

feature team biography pages, before and after project pictures and third-party awards such as Angie’s List.

3. Social Media As part of the national Marketing strategy, The Grounds Guys has social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Owners can review and select if national posts are added to your business’s Facebook page as well as add local information such as job photos, now hiring announcements and information that shows off your lawn care and maintenance expertise. Social media is another brand awareness tactic that can catch the interest of potential customers and employees, alike. For tips on building your social audience on Facebook, click here. If you're looking for additional content to share, don't forget you can share any and all of the YouTube videos we have already posted to our page If you need additional marketing assistance, reach out to . May 2017 be your best growing season yet!

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Advertising Opportunities

By: Holly Peterson is now offering display ads – these new ads can show up on the search results pages as well as individual merchant pages. Search Results Page Display • 300x250 on search results pages • Pages can be targeted against YP headings • Endemic advertisers only - i.e. Ford on automotive pages • Can be geo-targeted

keyword list • Can be geo-targeted

Mr. Electric

123 Address St. City, ST 12345

ElectricCompan y


Get Directions


Enter Map View

Raitings & Reviews

Be the first to review

Write a Review

Opening Hours

Mr. Electric City, ST

Be the first to review

Phone Number

ElectricCompan y


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mr. Electric City, ST

Tuesday Wednesday

Phone Number

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ElectricCompan y

Mr. Electric City, ST

The display ads can be purchased on a trial basis for 2 or 3 months. It’s priced at $25 per 1000 impressions with a minimum buy of $6k. The ads are sold at a provincial level, but they can target the cities desired within that province. So for example, in BC the target cities could include Vancouver, Surrey & Whistler. If there is more than one location that wants to advertise and share a province, landing pages can be created to direct users to the individual locations. For more information the new display ads, please contact DAC Group: Grayce Nicol Account Manager

Phone Number

ElectricCompan y

Your Ad Here

Mr. Electric City, ST

Phone Number

ElectricCompan y

Mr. Electric City, ST

Phone Number

ElectricCompan y

Mr. Electric City, ST

Phone Number

ElectricCompan y

Merchant Page Display • 300x250 on non-paid merchant pages your competitors!) • Merchant pages targeted with keywords - ex. furniture, furniture store • Advertiser must select multiple keyword categories for optimal delivery

DAC Group / Vancouver

604.298.4544 ext. 3230

- Appliances & Furniture, Garden + Lawn + Outdoor. • In order for 300x250 banner to appear, the business page must include a keyword from keyword list • Ante Modern Furniture includes “furniture” keyword, therefore 300x250 banner will appear as “furniture” is part of the Appliances & Furniture

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Spoiler Alert: Regardless of the type of Goodman brand product, the reviews are quite exceptional. When homeowners have their local dealer install a new Goodman brand heating or cooling system, it’s not unusual to get a review that reinforces the brand’s slogan, “Thank goodness for Goodman ® ” .

Why are homeowners talking about Goodman ?

I purchased this equipment after researching the major brands and speaking to several HVAC installers. The equipment is well built and a great value. Goodman has an excellent warranty program. The installer was professional and his workmanship is of the highest quality. I noticed an immediate difference in the comfort of my home. I am impressed at how quiet the unit is. - smithke

Review *

★★★★ 4.7

*Goodman uses the industry leader in homeowner reviews, BazaarVoice, to administer and validate the reviews you see on the website. This means reviews are directly from homeowners, with checks to prevent fabrication, modification, or fraudulent activities. To see how Goodman authenticates reviews, please see BazaarVoice’s Authentication Policy at

Seems like lots of people are talking about the Goodman ® brand these days. Nearly every day, comments and ratings from homeowners across North America are now being captured and placed on display. To find out how homeowners rate Goodman brand products simply visit

For more information about the complete high-efficiency value product line from Goodman, simply contact your local Aire Serv® or local Goodman brand distributor.

Our continuing commitment to quality products may mean a change in specifications without notice. © 2016 Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. · Houston, Texas · USA

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Clint Dustin Columbia, MD

Jeremy & Ashley Kistler Burlington, NC

Tony Kunkel Houston West Loop, TX

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

Richard & Kellie Swango Manhattan, KS

Andy Brockman Manhattan, KS

JD Downing Port St. Lucie, FL Corrected From TopSeed, Edition 3, 2016


Brian Dunn Covington, LA Corrected From TopSeed, Edition 3, 2016

Steve &Wendy Browning West Springfield, MA


Corey Ball Baton Rouge, LA

Pam Corbin & DarrenWing Cedar Park & Georgetown, TX

Randal Kukral Twinsburg, OH

Doug Miller Newington, CT

Jose Luis Ramirez Mission, TX


Roger & Teresa Waleri Avon, OH

KimMacKinnon & Andrew Kostiuk Saskatoon East, Saskatchewan

Christian Petersen Medina, OH

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Brian Gray Brentwood, TN

Jim Sheridan Cary, NC

Meredith & Daniel Stockner West End, VA

Joseph & Katie Thompson Elizabethtown, KY


Rick Galpin Bethleham, CT

Alan & Tammi Cornett Knoxville, TN


Bill Cress Delaware, OH

Deron & Kamilah Brooks Winter Garden, FL

Jarred Hobbs Abilene, TX

Gus & Cheryl Stavropoulos Durham, Ontario, Canada

Jack Mackesey Madison, WI

BradWesson Allen, TX

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The Grounds Guys® of Scarborough

In this edition of Top Seed, we are featuring a Q&A with Chris Sahadath, owner of The Grounds Guys® of Scarborough, Ontario. Sahadath opened his franchise on Sept. 1, 2016 though he is a 20+ year veteran at owning and operating a lawn care business.

What did you do before you joined The Ground Guys ? A. I owned and operated my own landscape business for 24 years. What additional services do you provide beyond lawn care? A. Snow plowing, hardscapes, tree removal and trimming and using a skid-steer loader for small excavation projects. Who is your customer-what tactics do you use to reach them? A. Most of my work is for commercial customers. I reach my commercial customers by making site visits and introducing myself and my services. I mostly provide recurring services such as mowing, tree trimming, garbage removal and pave repair and installation. I have had most of my customers for a minimum of 10 years. Marketing tactics include word-of-mouth referrals and from people seeing our 20-foot enclosed trailer, which serves as a moving billboard.

How are your staffing levels and what have you done to hire and retain great people? A. I’m an active owner in daily operations. I have a crew chief as well, who is working with the employees every day. I have three, full-time dedicated employees and four part-time guys. I am constantly recruiting and find places where I can use them, especially as we grow. I am hiring guys that will work well with me as well as The Grounds Guys Code of Values. I really enjoy the personal side of working with and developing my staff, and as a result, I retain my guys. I also pay them well! What advice do you have for growing your business? A. Be patient, fair, honest and kind. Know your profit margins and do not overextend your credit. It’s important to plan for next year, not tomorrow. Don’t ever get too comfortable with your success!

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The only box plow that will go to any length to get the snow.

❯ ❯

It gets wider or narrower using in-cab controls. It flips over to back-drag.

Attaches to tractors, skid steers and compact wheel loaders, and even collapses for easy transport. Ready to really get after the snow?

It has a 20 degree free-float to better follow contours.

Then get the new expandable Power Box, ™ only from Meyer. ®

Expands anywhere from 8'-12'

For questions or sales information, contact Jason Mattson at , or call 216-486-8423 .

32013 MEY GroundGuys_half_pg_ad_PowerBox.indd 1

9/2/16 10:31 AM


Shoe Covers • Surface Protection • Coveralls • Marketing Call 866.630.6341 or visit us at today for FREE SAMPLES SHUBEE ® HAS YOUR SURFACE PROTECTION NEEDS COVERED

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by: Kathleen Seaman

Y ou can use any vendor you want, but WHY would you want to? ProTradeNet ® was created by Dwyer Group ® in 2005 exclusively for its franchisees. Offering special pricing and rebates, the PTN preferred vendor program is completely unique in the franchise industry, and it’s completely FREE for you to use! If “free” isn’t a good enough reason for you to use PTN, here are five more: 1. PTN Does the Heavy Lifting We know you’re busy running your business, and you can probably find a more effective use of your time than researching vendors and haggling over prices. When you use an outside vendor, you do the legwork. When you use a PTN vendor, that work has already been done for you. Every vendor in the PTN program applies to be part of the program, and from there each one is extensively vetted. Once the vendor is admitted to our program, PTN negotiates special pricing and rebates on your behalf, saving you time and money. 2. You Save Money Upfront & On the Back End All of our vendors offer a discount on products or services, so you’re always going to save money at the time of purchase, but most of our vendors also offer a rebate, and that can really add up! In 2015, we gave away $2.3 million in rebates to our members. We handed out checks to franchisees that ranged everywhere from $10 to $100,000. Some franchisees put their rebate money back into their business, others use it to pay for Reunion, some take their family on vacation, and one franchisee uses his rebate to pay out annual employee bonuses. How do you use your rebate check?

vendors provide you with excellent customer service and adhere to Dwyer Group’s Code of Values. Vendors outside the PTN program aren’t held accountable to this standard. 4. Dedicated Representatives that Understand Your Business Every PTN vendor has either one or several account reps dedicated to serving our members. When you call a PTN vendor and say, “I’m a Mr. Appliance ® franchisee,” there’s no need to explain your business. They know about Dwyer Group, they know that you’re a member of PTN, and they understand your business. Outside the network, you’re just another business owner — but with PTN, you’ll engage with elite vendors who are invested in the success of your business. “I love using PTN vendors because it’s very simple to do business with them. I don’t have a lot of time to deal with people who don’t know our business an the products we use. It’s nice to work with people who deal with hundreds of other franchisees. I call and they know who I am. It’s hassle-free.” —Mr. Appliance ® of East Texas 5. PTN is In Your Corner ProTradeNet ® is more than a preferred vendor program; it’s also a dedicated team passionate about helping you develop successful business relationships. When you use a vendor outside the PTN program, if that vendor doesn’t honor a discount, provide excellent customer service, or make things right when you’re unhappy with a product, you’re on your own to resolve any issues. But when you use a PTN vendor, the PTN team is here to advocate for you whenever necessary. On the occasion that you’re not happy with a product or service, these issues can be resolved because not only do our vendors care about “continuously striving to maximize internal & external customer loyalty,” but PTN does, too. “If you’re using a vendor not in the program, and there is a similar vendor in the program, that’s not a very wise business decision.” — Aire Serv ® of Southern New Mexico

“The rebate check I receive at Reunion pays for my whole trip, making the whole event that much more relaxing.” —The Grounds Guys ® of the Rogue Valley

3. PTN Vendors Adhere to the Code of Values ProTradeNet is highly selective when it brings on new vendors to the program. Our goal is to help you create strong business partnerships that benefit both you and our preferred vendors. To make that possible, we require that our

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WHAT BRINGS SOME TO A STANDSTILL JUST MAKES US MOVE FASTER. When life revolves around getting a building back to normal, count on Sunbelt Rentals to match the pace of your project. Whatever you need to extract, scrub, heat or cool, reach, restore and much more, Sunbelt Rentals is here for you. With guaranteed one-hour response and 24/7 delivery from over 550 locations nationwide, we have you covered.


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WeCare Day Waco, as a part of business training week, was an excellent opportunity to give back to our community and incorporate technical training for our new franchisees. Great job The Grounds Guys ! Rachelle Kemp did a fine job pulling the details together for our enthusiastic group of franchisees and corporate office staff to spruce up the grounds of Mosaic!

Save time and money with The Home Depot.


Hey Grounds Guys , YOU have the opportunity to return to Waco, TX for training once a year and our southern hospitality provides you with lodging and 80% of your meals covered.



Make plans to return in the near future and experience a whole new training program that will help you grow your business. Beau & Linsey Tanner and Spencer Miller made it a priority to return for training after Reunion. They invested in their business and participated in We Care Day Waco!



Call 866-333-3551 to learn more or visit

Contact your franchise consultant for more information!

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