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Volume 4 • No. 26 • 12 pages • CORNWALL, ON • MAY 14 MAI, 2014

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For the second straight year, the River Rendezvous, hosted by the St. Lawrence Institute on May 8, attracted countless residents. Experts from Cornwall and surrounding areas were at the St. Lawrence College. “The organizations present all have the St. Lawrence River as their top priority,” said Karen Douglass Cooper, Community Action Officer for the St-Lawrence River Institute. “It’s growing. Last year we had 18 exhibits and this year we’ve got 25.” The said exhibits featured interesting topics such as the many steps taken in the hopes of saving the St. Lawrence River from pollution, as well as the many different sorts of wildlife it harbors. Eels and even salamanders were brought in, in the hopes of educating the masses about their natural neighbors. “By the end of the day, we expect 300 to 400 people to have crossed the doors of the college, wanting to learn more about the St. Lawrence River,” said Cooper. 2nd River Rendezvous

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