2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS April 2017 Inspired! Y2 art and Y6 writing Vol 3: Issue No. Forty Excellence Through Partnership



SLAVE MEMORIES How hath the devil corroded mankind? Why has he damaged, destroyed their weak mind? Lucifer hath struck, kill him my lord. Defeat him at last, take me from this death-cast. Constantly twisting, turning in sleep. My memoirs float around in a dream. Only to wake to more pain and fear, as I sadly admit my end is near. As I dream my masters swift cane, I know it will be my bane. Working until the day is done, then working the whole night through. I do not deny, I shall most certainly die. The moment the rattling shackles touched my skin, The solitary sky set on fire. Notoriously famous in my land, death shall come from a wave of his hand. While I slave away, for my masters pay. My family grieve their loss, will this day be my last? Why do my kin, have to suffer from this sin? My skin has turned grey, from maltreatment and pain. When I rest my head, it will most certainly fall on my death- bed. By Ethyn James 6V ORIGINAL ABORIGINAL Year 2 enjoyed a very creative Inspire Session producing a wonderful piece of Aboriginal artwork. Parents and children reported, “Great session! We were experimenting and having lots of fun together.”“Excellent and enjoyable event with a superb end product!”

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