2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS May 2017 Vol 3: Issue No. Forty four Excellence Through Partnership


Ancient History! Greek & Roman adventure



We had to learn Latin to get into the fort. We went into the fort and went into the granary to learn all about Roman armour. Two people were dressed in different types of armour, the cavalry and infantry. Next we marched around the fort, saying ‘sin dex’. We learnt about the marching bag and how they carried it round them for miles. The leaders split the class in half, one half was Celts and the other half Romans. The Celts wore blue paint on their face and shouted at the Romans, who were on the lookout in the fort. We put on a tunic and had a wooden sword and a shield. We marched into the Gyros (training ring) and learnt battle strategies. We hid behind our shields when we heard an alarming call of ‘arrows, arrows!’. We performed a shield wall and when the man banged a drum, we all stepped forward. We learnt all the battle strategies and we happily got to fight the teachers. We had a wonderful time at the fort and learnt a lot about the Romans and their language. Thanks to Isla Powell and Mia Ward-Evans for the story in 4J. GROOVY GREEKS Year 3 had a visit from the Ancient Greek man. He told us lots of interesting facts and myths from the Ancient Greek period. We had lots of fun! We took part in different activities that included: building Archimedes square, a Greek quiz and playing a real Greek board game. Some of us had the opportunity to become actors and star in myths such as Apollo and Daphne. We all had the chance to take part in an Olympic event and throw the javelin. All the costumes were fantastic. A big thank you for all of your effort! Thanks to the Year 3 team for the story.

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