2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS May 2017 Vol 3: Issue No. Forty five Excellence Through Partnership


Don’t step on the plants! Warley Woods helpers

SEED PLANTING On Monday, several members of Year 6 were invited to Warley Woods to help the community by planting seeds and flowers. While we were at the woods we planted Primrose seeds and red Campions. A few centimetres under the ground, there was a layer of stones that made it hard to dig, brought by glaciers from the Ice Age. Many bugs were found including: worms, moth, caterpillar and beetles. Overall, the seed planting was successful and enjoyable. Thanks to Claudia, Heather and Jasmine for the story. NATURAL WINGER Damian Watts - Head Coach DKRFC Under 11’s. reports : Having played for DKRFC for 5 years or more now, Rufus has developed into a great rugby player and a quite brilliant young man. When he first started training with us, it was obvious that he was a gifted athlete. His speed with rugby ball in hand made him a natural try scorer. Rufus sometimes got frustrated at making a mistake (Mistakes are common both in life and certainly in the hard sport of rugby! We kept reinforcing that it is OK to make mistakes) but his frustration has turned to patience and sheer joy, as the seasons have progressed. I can see his desire to succeed, to score for the team or to make that tackle is what makes him such a great player. Desire. We have been involved in some really hard games against better opposition over the years and Rufus is one of our ‘go to’ players when we need the pressure relieved. It used to be me saying ‘Get the ball to Rufus’. Now quite pleasingly it is his team mates saying ‘Rufus -be ready WE will get the ball to you’. The opponents panic as he tears through their defence and evades the tackles from some 11 year old giants. An absolute pleasure to coach, an even greater pleasure to watch on the field of play. I predict great things for Rufus, both as a Rugby player and as a young man, for he has desire to succeed at what ever he chooses to do. His RUGBY family will support that desire and we very much look forward to the future with Rufus Langston. Many more chapters are to follow for this exceptional young man. Thanks to Mr. Langston for the story.

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