2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS July 2017 Solar flare! Global community Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty eight Excellence Through Partnership



YOUNG CAMPAIGNERS Lucas Moseley from 4J and Toby Smith from 4P met our MP, John Spellar, on 30 June to talk about solar power! One in six people in our world still have no access to electricity. These people live in developing countries. Without electricity, you can’t keep your food cold. This is a massive problem if the only food your family has is what you can grow and you need it to last for months! If you are a child at school, it’s hard to do your homework in the evenings with no electricity, because it’s dark, and in many countries in Africa, it gets dark at 6pm all year round! We asked Mr Spellar to represent us in Parliament by asking our government to help poor communities in developing countries have more solar power, which can make their lives so much easier! Solar lamps mean that children can study in the evenings and get a better education. Clinics and hospitals, with solar panels on their roofs can stay open later and store medicines properly, helping lots more people. It was a great experience for Toby and Lucas to meet with Mr Spellar, and understand how we can use our voices to help people living in different parts of the world (to us!). Thanks to Lucas’s mom for the story.


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