2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS November 2016 Vol 3: Issue No. Sixteen Excellence Through Partnership


Peg dolls! Y1 parent workshop


TOYS Last week, year 1 invited parents and carers to come and help the children to make a Victorian doll. With the help of their adult, the children had to plan what their doll would look like and then make it using a range of different resources. We had lots of amazing dolls, from traditional Victorian clothing, modern dolls and even a Santa doll! TUK Some exciting news! Hari Chambers' (1L) Dad, Rav Chambers, has just completed an epic 1800km journey from Mumbai, India to the southern tip of India in a Tuk Tuk! The three-wheeled auto rickshaw challenge took 2 weeks to complete, and was done to raise money and awareness for the education of girls in some of the poorest rural parts of India. It was a hard, exciting and intense journey but well worth it for a wonderful cause. Well done to Rav and the team! Hari is super proud!

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