Living Life Without Back Pain

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Living Life Without BACK PAIN How You Can Relieve Your Pain Naturally

In the old days, when you hurt your back, your doctor told you to go on bed rest until it felt better. However a lot has been learned since those days and modern treatments focus on avoiding bed rest. Engaging in proper movements and postures as well as a gradual return to activities is more successful in controlling pain and allowing you to return to normal activities quicker. Consistent findings show that bed rest is not an effective treatment for pain but may actually delay you from recovering. Advice to stay active and to continue with modified activities

results in a faster return to work, less chronic disability and fewer recurring problems. It has also been found that exercise and aerobic activity, like walking, assists in bringing nutrients to the structures in the spine. Some of these structures, like the discs between your bones (vertebrae), have a poor blood supply relying on body movements and activity to circulate nutrients. When a person is inactive, less nutrients are able to supply the structures in the spine to keep them healthy.


Living Life Without Back Pain


What Are Some Active Ways To Relieve My Back Pain?

Bed rest and inactivity are known to weaken muscles and bones. Exercise increases strength and flexibility of the muscles. It also aides in healing, by increasing blood flow to the painful area. When treating back pain, our physical therapists put a plan together to ease you back to doing pain-free activities while protecting your spine. Through a thorough evaluation, we can determine the source of your pain and work with your physician to alleviate your back pain quickly. In addition to exercise, our physical therapy utilizes a variety of gentle modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, massage and thermal

therapy to help relieve muscular spasms. In addition, we know the importance of strengthening and training your core muscles to build long-term spinal stability. By coming to Agility Physical Therapy instead of lying in bed at home we will help relieve your pain faster, and return you to the activities you love quickly. Success is built on quick results and empowering you with the knowledge to prevent future back injuries. If your back is achy or painful, call us today to learn more about our SPINE program and how you can return to a pain-free, active and healthy lifestyle.



Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up: • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle


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Don’t let back pain become a way of life Move Freely • Alleviate Pain Naturally • Have More Energy • Enjoy Activities Pain Free • Be Stronger Do you suffer with back pain, and fear it will get worse? IT’S EASY TO GET HELP FOR BACK PAIN

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Staff Spotlight

David Osmond, PTA David earned his Physical Therapy Assistant Degree in 2015 from Keiser University in Sarasota, FL. He and has been with Agility since February of 2016 and has experience in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative settings. David enjoys helping his patients return to their prior levels of function, which

restores their confidence and gets them back to enjoying an active life. David has a wife and one child and has lived in the Venice community for 15 years. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, boating and woodworking.


Being injured at work can cause significant stress, pain and aggravation affecting your ability to effectively work and provide adequate income for your needs. Our number one priority is to ensure your pain is relieved fast and you can safely return to work as soon as possible. We emphasize the following when it comes to your recovery after a work-related injury:

• Relieve pain quickly • Restore normal range of motion • Restore strength, flexibility and stamina • Ensure a complete recovery after an necessary surgical procedures • Education on how to manage your injury and prevent future occurrences Talk to your employer or case manager today to discover how we can help you recover quickly from your injury and get back to work safely!


Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to help your back pain...

Helps Relieve Back Pain

PRAYER STRETCH While in a crawl position, slowly lower your buttocks towards your feet until a stretch is felt along your back and/or buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Exercises copyright of

The above exercise is designed to be performed under the instruction of a licensed physical therapist.


“The perfect place to get therapy and exercise!” “I’ve been to several facilities for physical therapy and the team at Agility is the best I’ve found. Not only do they excel in their technical competence, but everyone there is totally friendly and helpful. Now that I’ve “graduated” from therapy I’ve joined one of their fitness classes, and it’s great. The perfect place to get therapy and exercise with outstanding results.”

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