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Assurance Support Manager - Fire Safety

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‘Estates & Facilities philosophy is to deliver trusted, responsive and

consistent services enabling our communities to achieve their aspirations, making the world a better place’.


King’s College London

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The benefits of working at King’s Estates and Facilities

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King’s College London has been making the world a better place for almost 200 years.

The staff and alumni of King’s and its constituent institutions made major contributions to 19th-century science, medicine and public life. In the 20th century eight people from King’s institutions were awarded the Nobel Prize.

King’s is rated among the world’s top universities and ranked sixth in the UK for the quality and quantity of its research activity. Since its foundation in 1829 King’s has defined itself in terms of its service to society, and it now has some 30,000 students and more than 8,000 staff members.

King’s Strategic Vision 2029, a strategy which will take the university to its 200th birthday, has pledged that its staff and students will continue to help make the world a better place.

About the Directorate of Estates & Facilities

King’s Directorate of Estates & Facilities is a key enabler of the university’s Strategic Vision 2029 and we have created a strategy which demonstrates our intent and sets out how the Estates & Facilities team will support the ambition of the university’s strategic vision.

Annual Report on Widening Participation and Outreach (WP&O) | 2013–14

Our philosophy has been developed using the Guiding Principles outlined in Vision 2029; we have worked with the teams across the other support

functions, with our academic and research colleagues and our students so that we can ensure that the communities we serve are at the very heart of the directorate’s work. We know that everyone in King’s interacts with our physical assets and relies upon our service delivery therefore they need to: • be seamless • to work • be sustainable and safe • be enabling • support work and learning and; • enable growth As King’s continues to mature and grow the task of developing, maintaining, managing and driving value from our physical infrastructure will become more complex. The Estates & Facilities strategy holds together our vision and ensures we can measurably improve the learning and working experience of our student, staff and partners. Meeting our aims will not be without its challenges. Operating in central London means that King’s has some unique challenges ahead with an ambition to grow student numbers and the level of research we undertake. This means we will need to make wise choices about where we focus our effort and resources. We will need to be clear about how we prioritise activity to ensure our decisions can support the overall purpose of King’s. We have a finite amount of space and resource and it is our job to help King’s manage our assets well. King’s has five campuses in central London consisting of more than 100 buildings ranging in age from the 1780s to the current day. Many are listed and of great architectural significance. The campuses house a diversity of spaces, including teaching and learning environments, cutting edge research facilities, two chapels, cafes and restaurants, gyms and student residences. The Estates & Facilities team employs more than 1000 people with a vast range of expertise and skills, operating and maintaining facilities and providing services to ensure King’s remains one of the world’s top universities.

The Estates and Facilities Vision 2029 Service Strategy can be viewed here: about-service


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University of Surrey


Benefits of working at King’s Estates & Facilities

At King’s we aim to provide a supportive working environment and offer a range of benefits to help you achieve a balance between your personal and professional lives.

In addition to 27 days leave (plus public holidays and fixed closure days over the Christmas period) and a generous pension scheme (19.5% employer pension contribution), King’s provides a diverse range of employee benefits:

Career development and training – King’s has a strong commitment to organisation development and offers staff a range of opportunities for professional learning.

Financial benefits - King’s provides staff with the opportunity to obtain an interest free loan to pay for their annual travel ticket and provides access to a range of discounted products. The cycle to work scheme allows staff to make substantial savings on the cost of a bicycle, safety equipment and accessories. Facilities and recreation - King’s buildings are equipped with all sorts of facilities to make working life even more enjoyable. For example, King’s provides library services; access to sports facilities, clubs and societies; and themed catering events for staff, serving menus from across the world. Events and lectures are held by different departments on a variety of topics.

Health and wellbeing – King’s encourages staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including both physical and mental well-being, and support staff by providing assistance in each of these areas.

King’s runs an Employee Assistance Programme where staff can access independent, free, confidential advice and guidance on a range of practical issues, such as family matters, debt management, relationships, well-being, personal development, life events and more. Staff have access to the King’s College NHS Health Centre (a team of doctors, nurses, and other health workers who provide staff with a confidential health care service), and all King’s staff may register at the Health Centre as their GP regardless of where they live. Staff have access to free eye tests and free dental treatment.

Estates & Facilities committed to new ways of working and collaboration with IT and RMID in 2018 by mov- ing from their offices into a co-located office in Lavington Street, London SE1. We introduced ‘agile working’ which means most of our people don’t have a dedicated desk, this not only ensures space is utilised to the maximum, but it means our people can locate and work with colleagues and teams they need to collaborate with as well as working across the estate, operating in the communities which they may be working with.

This has created an incredibly positive and collaborative working environment that promotes flexible and productive working.


Post title

Assurance Support Manager - Fire Safety


Estates & Facilities

Grade/salary Hours of work Responsible to

Grade 6, £38,304 to £45,026 per annum inclusive of £3,500 London Weighting

Full time

Assurance Manager - Fire Safety

Role purpose

The purpose of this role is to employ a competent person to assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety with the practical application of fire safety management across the University portfolio.

The role will be involved in all matter’s relating to fire safety, ensuring that there is coordination and communication between stakeholders.

This role is to support the effective fire safety delivery, discharging the University’s legal duties and providing evidence of compliance in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Service Delivery

In order to discharge the directorate’s responsibilities in fire assurance, the Assurance Support Manager – Fire Safety will be required to: • Support the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety, by conducting reviews of the Fire Risk Assessments across all buildings / spaces occupied by King’s College London (KCL). • Act as custodian and manage the fire strategy technical building plans for the directorate. • Provide fire safety building plans for projects ensuring prior to and practical completion, the compartmentation, active and passive fire protection provisions and other life safety systems are accurately recorded on the plans. • Have oversite of fire compliance projects, such as fire door remedial, fire stopping compartmentation works and fire alarm detection replacement programme. Conduct assessments of the works conducted as part of acceptance checks for the project. • Where new fire risk assessments are required, the role will assist Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in their provision. • Track monitor and review action plans stemming from fire risk assessments, inspections undertaken by the enforcement authorities and / or audits on fire safety management systems and arrangement. • Work directly with risk holders to reduce outstanding observations raised within building Fire Risk Assessments. • Support Assurance Support Manager – Fire Safety (Training) by providing training where necessary. • Assist Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in the review, implementation and management of fire safety design standards, ensuring the requirements are adhered to. • With a focus on BS 9999, BS 5839, BS 5266 etc, carry out fire safety audits and inspections to all parts of KCL and record levels of compliance. • Provide visibility of fire safety compliance across KCL through innovative analytics tools, enabling real time trend analysis and recommendations to Senior Management. • Record and investigate all fire alarm activations across each campus, with a target to reduce pre-alarms, building evacuations and fire service call outs year on year. • Ensure Premises Information Box (PIB) documentation pack-ups are provided for all KCL buildings / occupied spaces. Conduct a review of the information and update where necessary. • Working with Assurance Support Manager – Technical Data (CAD) develop and provide 3D evacuation plans for all KCL buildings / occupied spaces. Working with each campus to ensure the plans are displayed accurately in the correct location. • Support and assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in implementing, reviewing and monitoring fire safety standards and performance in accordance with KCL’s Fire Risk Management System, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and British Standards where applicable. • Assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in the provision of technical guidance to KCL stakeholders and

service customers. • Assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in the creation and implementation of Fire Safety Management Plans for new developments, ensuring the cooperation and coordination between stakeholders is effective to deliver a robust fire safety procedure. • Collate and manage relevant information to Assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in review, support and advice to the Directorate on local arrangements, fire alarm activation investigations and the provisions for assisted evacuation. • Be empowered under delegated authority to act to immediately suspend activities that may or has the potential to have a negative impact on safety. • Record information and provide support to the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety for all investigations as a result of a fire and or incident which has the potential to cause a fire. • Assist with the undertaking of an annual audit on the fire management system, to include local arrangements, training, building fire safety management plans with recommendations and action plans where required. • Providing Assurance Manager – Fire Safety regular reports on fire safety performance and undertaking assurance activities across the estate to assess compliance. • Assist the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in day to day tasks and activities.

Service Commitments

• To be Knowledgeable • To be Inclusive • To be Naturally friendly

• To continuously Grow our service delivery • To deliver consistent Service standards

Decision making, planning & problem solving

• Assist Assurance Manager – Fire Safety in the provision of fire safety advice to Project Managers, Members of the Senior Management team and staff. • Support the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety to effectively implement the requirements of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 across the portfolio. • Support the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety with operational decision making relating to fire safety management, including input and advice on regulations, KCL policies and procedures and its impact on other organisational arrangements.

Management of works

• Attend fire safety related meetings across the Directorate. • Be empowered under delegated authority to act to immediately suspend activities that may or has the potential to have a negative impact on safety. • In the absence of the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety, act as the Directorate of Estates & Facilities principal investigator during operational incidents resulting from a fire or impacting fire safety management across KCL.

Team Work

• Review regulatory changes and current standards of good practice in collaboration with the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety. • To collaborate and communicate with other members of the Operational Assurance Services and service customers throughout KCL.

Communication & Networking

Written Communication

• Routine production of both technical and non-technical reports such as audits, dashboards, guidance documents and design standards.

Electronic Communication

• Electronic planning using Microsoft products such as PowerBI, Excel and Outlook, monitoring and use of the College’s Electronic CAFM system for obtaining drawing layouts. Using email for internal and external communications. • General administrative support including uploading statutory and project information onto the Directorate’s electronic management systems Planon, SharePoint and Zutec.

Oral Communication

• Meetings, round-table and stand-up presentations, coaching, liaising both internally within the College and externally with College partners, contractors, consultants and the general public, information dissemination to colleagues. • Delivering workshops, tool box talks and presentations on matters relating to fire safety.


• To be part of external networks in order to facilitate exchanges of information and feedback to the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety on any legislative developments pertaining to fire safety and general safety management. • Attendance at externally organised events such as seminars, workshops and training related to fire safety.

Additional Information


The post holder is required to: • Take reasonable care foer the health and safety of himself/herself and other persons who may be affected by their actions or omissions at work. • Co-operate with the employer in ensuring that all statutory and other requirements are complied with.


King’s values equality and diversity in employment and in the services we provide. It is committed to promoting equality and diversity in employment and will keep under review our policies and procedures to ensure that the job related needs of all staff working in the University are recognised. King’s aims to ensure that all job applicants, employees or clients are treated fairly and valued equally regardless of sex, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, race, colour, disablement, ethnic or national origin, social background or employment status, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, HIV status, gender reassignment, political affiliation or trade union membership.

Selection for training and development and promotion will be on the basis of the individual’s ability to meet the requirements for the job.

You are responsible for ensuring that the Universitys policies, procedures and obligation in respect of promoting equality and diversity are adhered to in relation to both staff and services.

Special requirements

The post holder must give a minimum of 7 days’ notice and obtain the approval of the Associate Director of Real Estate prior to taking leave and must ensure that his/her responsibilities can be carried out during absences.

To attend meetings and emergencies outside normal working hours, and be accessible by telephone.


All staff are expected to:

• positively support equality of opportunity and equity of treatment to colleagues and students in accordance with the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy

• help to maintain a safe working environment by:

• attending training in basic and specialist health and safety requirements as necessary, both on appointment and as changes in duties and techniques demand

• following local codes of safe working practices and the University’s Health and Safety Policy

• undertake such other duties within the scope of the post as may be requested by their Line Manager

Please note

This job description reflects the core activities of the role and as the University and the post holder develops there will inevitably be changes in the emphasis of duties. It is expected that the post holder will recognise this and adopt a flexible approach to work and be willing to participate in training.

If changes to the job become significant, the job description should be reviewed formally by the Line Manager and the post holder.

The Human Resources Department should then be consulted as to the implications of the proposed changes.

About the Directorate of Estates and Facilities

https:/ / uk/ about/ps/ estates/index.aspx




Desirable How

Identified and Assessed *For ‘How identified and assessed’ use: AP - application, AS - assessment, I - interview, P - presentation, R - references Education/ Qualification and Training

Educated to Degree Standard or Similar Holder of a fire risk assessment qualification



Membership of a Fire industry professional body (IFE or equivalent) Membership to an industry recognised Fire Risk Assessment register or working towards accreditation Knowledge/ Skills Thorough knowledge of fire safety legislation, Building Regulations, British Standards and current guidance Knowledge of passive and active fire protection systems within buildings Demonstrable experience of risk management and fire strategy Experience of providing fire safety training and toolbox talks/safety briefs to non-fire safety professionals Excellent communication skills both oral and written, including an ability to write technical and non-technical papers such as audits and reports as required A good knowledge of IT based technical libraries for sourcing up to date information and legislation Experience Experience of undertaking fire risk assessments in complex buildings or high-risk environments Experience in identifying fire protection observations and developing scopes of work for the remedial works Demonstrable experience of controlling and minimising risks within the workplace Previous experience of working in the Higher Education/ Health Care Sector Competent in conducting Fire Risk Assessments Demonstrable experience in fire safety management























Experience in auditing management systems



Experience on providing advice, recommendations and supporting documentation


Experience in developing procedural documentation



Personal Characteristics/ Other Requirements

High attention to detail is required for the day to day duties of this role Excellent interpersonal skills and great communicator Able to prioritise time and resources to meet workload Innovative and practical approach to problem solving Committed to continuing professional development Ability to work well on own initiative or as part of a wider team






Strong customer services focus

Approachable and always willing to help

Further Information and How to Apply For a confidential conversation please contact our advisors Matt Giles of The Management Recruitment Group on;

E: T: 020 3962 9900

Applications should consist of a comprehensive CV (of not more than 4 pages). Applications should be sent to: E:

Closing date for applications: Sunday 15th April 2020.

52-54 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0EH.

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