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MEET ARACLY ROSALES! Our Top-Notch Online Shopper

Since 1999, Foodtown has offered customers like you free Thanksgiving turkeys as tokens of our gratitude. We’re a local, family-run business, so having the support of our customers year- round means a lot, and we’re happy to give back for the holidays! Qualifying for the turkey program is easy, and there are no strings attached. A month before Thanksgiving each year, we announce the beginning of the program. Then, if you spend the required amount in our stores over the next few weeks, you’ll get a coupon for a free turkey just in time for the holiday! The turkeys are all natural, Foodtown-brand birds, and you can choose any size you like. Alternately, you’ll have the option of getting a kosher turkey at a discount or, if you’re not a turkey person, you can redeem your coupon for a store gift card or another choice entrée, like a free family-sized lasagna. According to the National Turkey Federation, Americans eat 46 million turkeys every Thanksgiving, so it’s no surprise that every year we give away thousands of free turkeys to our customers through this Thanksgiving program. We’re always thrilled to see them head out the door, and we like to imagine them becoming the centerpieces of happy family dinners all across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. There’s nothing we want more than to take care of our customers, and making sure you’re all happy and fed during the holidays is a big part of that. Our goal is to ensure your Thanksgiving shopping is a one-stop trip. That’s why, in addition to those turkeys, you can find everything you need for an impressive Thanksgiving spread at a reasonable price, like potatoes, gravy, stuffing mixes, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, green beans, and pumpkin pie. From all of us here at Foodtown, Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for your business, and we hope you’ll take us up on our free turkey offer in return. YOUR TICKET TO A FREE TURKEY Foodtown Has You Covered This Thanksgiving!

Aracly has worked for Foodtown for almost three years, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her for every one of them.

Whether she’s pulling items off the shelf for her online orders, greeting customers, or helping out her fellow team members, Aracly always lights up the store.

As our in-house online shopper, Aracly spends most of her time compiling online orders for delivery or pickup. Though her orders come in via our website or over the phone, when she does get to interact directly with customers, that’s one of her favorite parts of the job. “I like calling the customers and telling them about the substitutions if there’s an item from their order I don’t have. Some of them are very nice, and they appreciate us. They’ll say, ‘Thank you very much for helping with my order!’ That’s what I like,” she says. Aracly loves her fellow employees just as much as she does her customers. She never hesitates to help them with something they need, whether that’s running an errand or assisting at the checkout. “It’s a wonderful atmosphere. We get along with each other and help each other and everything,” she says. “If there are questions we have, we ask each other. There are always smiles on our faces! We’re like family and friends; we get along really well.” Though she doesn’t spend much time in our seafood section, unless she’s packing up an order that calls for fish, it’s Aracly’s favorite part of the store. She loves to cook seafood at home, and it tops her list of things to eat. “Shrimp, lobster, everything that has to do with seafood, I love,” she says. Of all of Foodtown’s discount programs and deals, Aracly’s favorite is the 10%-off program. She says her customers enjoy using it, and nothing makes her prouder than having happy customers.

From all of us on the Foodtown team, thank you, Aracly, for all that you do!

Want free groceries? Simply use your Club Card to earn points. Then, grab the Free Items sheet at the register and redeem your points for free groceries. It's that simple. FREE GROCERIES — REALLY!

*Available at the store location on the back of this newsletter.

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