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3 Ideas for Mixing Up the Traditional Turkey Day WELCOME THE UNCONVENTIONAL THANKSGIVING

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Some people love Thanksgiving just the way it is, but others feel the annual traditions that come with it are stifling. If you’re dreading the inevitable conversation about whose house to go to, which side dishes to cook, and who to invite to the table, why not mix things up for 2019? Just because Thanksgiving falls on the same fourth Thursday each November doesn’t mean you’re locked into the same holiday routine. If you’re stuck in a Turkey Day rut, try one of these alternate celebrations and enjoy the spirit of gratitude in a new way. ‘JUST US’ THANKSGIVING TV shows love to draw up stories about devastated characters forced to spend Thanksgiving without their extended families, but really, what’s so bad about making Thanksgiving an intimate affair? Big, boisterous Thanksgivings with every uncle, cousin, and stepsister certainly have their downsides. Slaving over the stove is stressful, and bringing people from so many different walks of life together can cause heated arguments. Why not skip the drama this Thanksgiving and enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other or a cozy meal with your spouse and kids? You can cook together at home or grab a table at a restaurant with a Turkey Day special to leave the stress of cooking behind entirely. In the end, you may be even more grateful for those you hold dear. FRIENDSGIVING This gathering of friends rather than family has been a Thanksgiving option for decades, but in the last few years, rising popularity has given it a name: Friendsgiving. Some people think that the moniker dates back to a 2007 episode of the TV show “Friends,” while others credit Twitter users or a 2011 Bailey's Irish Cream marketing campaign. Whatever its origins, The Atlantic says the informal, potluck-style meal gained real traction with 20- and 30-somethings in 2014 and has only gotten more popular since. Friendsgiving is a great option if you’re

living far from home, don’t get along well with your family, or simply want to avoid the pressure holidays bring. For the best of both worlds, try adding a Friendsgiving to your Thanksgiving routine, either on the weekend before or the weekend after Turkey Day. DESTINATION THANKSGIVING Here’s a new way to solve the “Whose house should we eat at?” debate: Skip the houses altogether and jet off to a hotel room instead. The destination Thanksgiving is a great way to take advantage of days off work, and they can bring families together on neutral territory. If you’re bringing the full crew, rent an Airbnb for everyone and have fun experimenting with Thanksgiving recipes that fit your new surroundings. If you go tropical, for example, offers an entire menu for “Thanksgiving at the Beach.” Alternately, turning Thanksgiving into a family trip with your spouse and kids is a great way to completely avoid political discussions and best-pumpkin-pie debates. If anyone calls to ask where you are, just explain that you planned your trip months ago — then take another sip of your piña colada and show your kids how to make a turkey-shaped sandcastle. No matter the type of Thanksgiving celebration you choose, Foodtown will be there to help! Our wide selection makes shopping for any recipe a breeze, and with our Club Card, online coupons, and other savings programs, even the swankiest meals won’t break the bank. If you’re really strapped for time, call a store near you and ask about our Thankgiving catering options. The easier we can make this holiday for you, the better!

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