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February 2018

The Newest Addition to the Stretch PT Family

were visiting Tim’s relatives in Chicago over the Christmas holiday, she made some Frosty the Snowman ornaments that said, “Baby Whelan due July 2018!” on his belly, and handed them out. I can’t even imagine how exciting that must have been. When it came time to tell her own family over the holidays, she made a “preggo kit” for her sisters and mother. In it, she included Prego brand spaghetti sauce and a strainer, and they put two and two together. We found out during a Stretch Physical Therapy meeting around the same time. One day when we were trying to plan our clinic-wide January weight- loss challenge, she hesitated for a minute. “Um … I won’t be able to do this challenge, I don’t think …” she said, slyly. “Why?” I asked. “Well…” And with that, the cat was out of the bag. It’s been a true pleasure seeing Britney’s life shift so dramatically over the past three years, watching with joy as she takes these huge, incredible steps. Though she started out an A+ employee, now she’s so much more than that: a close friend, practically a daughter to me, and soon, the best mother that any baby could ask for. BRITNEY WHELAN’S HAPPY NEWS!

This month, I’d like to highlight an exciting new announcement here at Stretch Physical Therapy:

One of my talented star employees, Britney Whelan, is pregnant! We are all thrilled and wishing the very best for her and her growing family.

Really, after working with us for 3 1/2 years, I feel as if Britney is part of my own family. We’ve seen her go through so many changes in her life, from meeting her husband, Tim, to attending their fabulous wedding, to her helping my daughter Megan through her health challenges, and now with her new baby, due on July 11! I couldn’t be prouder of everything she’s accomplished. From day one, I’ve depended on Britney as the one who gets things done without hesitation. Though she has a degree in kinesiology, she is kind of the jack-of-all-trades around here, from running the front desk to making sure all our patients are taken care of, to taking the trash out when it needs to go. That’s how she’s earned her nickname “The Taskmaster.” As the company’s grown, she’s grown right along with it, filling so many positions that it’s difficult to list them all. I love the way Britney decided to tell her family the good news. She told her husband, Tim, on his birthday. If you can imagine a better birthday present than that, I’d like to hear it. Of course, he was thrilled, but she had to sit on the news for weeks before letting the rest of her family know. While they

–Kim Nartker



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