FMN | September 19th, 2016

iPQ Workflow — Integrating Machines, Processes & Departments Once a facility has begun using 100% inspection, it can then begin to implement a comprehensive, plant wide Quality Management system. This means linking the various machines (presses, slitters, doctor machines, laminators), processes (printing, converting, finishing) and departments (pre-press, production, quality control) in the plant - which is done with a Workflow product.

• Verify rolls of labels on the doctor machines and certify them as only containing acceptable labels. iPQ Workflow is comprised of the following modules: Plate Auditor, Event Logger, Data Server, Quality Assistant, Waste Indicator and Re-Wind Navigator. The modules used are determined by the customer’s needs and application.

Some of the most common uses and benefits include:

iPQ Workflow is a complete package of products for this purpose from BST North America, which is used with the company’s Shark ® 4000 LEX and iPQ-Check 100% inspection systems. iPQ Workflow enables assessment, correction and efficient removal of defects, allows for data sharing among machines and departments, helps to simplify finishing processes and helps standardize and streamline quality control from pre-press to shipping of finished product.

• Identification of incorrect plates prior to starting production. • Review of all print defects and identification of which are to be removed and which are not. This can now be done by Quality Control personnel, rather than machine operators, if desired. • Easy and more efficient removal of defects at the slitter – with automatic stopping of the machine at the correct locations.

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