Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

81. Name: Mongi Mabrouki Title: Determinants of Al Jazeera’s Media Discourse amid Technological Innovation and Media Engagement Institution: Press and Information Sciences Institute Country: Tunisia Date: 2011 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study analyzes the strategies of change in the Arab media discourse focusing on the rise of Al Jazeera and the impact it has had on its environment. The creation of the channel cannot be understood separately from the historical context of the Arab world in the 1990s and the geopolitical dynamics of the Gulf region in particular. Taking these factors into account helps in understanding the development of Arab media during this particular period. It also helps in analyzing the Al Jazeera phenomenon, which presents itself as the channel of ‘all Arabs, despite the controversies surrounding its experience. In addition to the historical and geopolitical contexts, the communication technology revolution has also contributed to the rising of Al Jazeera and the role it is playing in developing Arab media. All of these elements are taken into consideration in this analytical study, which seeks to identify the determinants of Al Jazeera’s media discourse, content production and editorial policies. These determinants are also useful in analyzing the channel’s contribution to changing the political sphere, especially with regard to the uprisings of the Arab spring.


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