Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

82. Name: Monia Chabaane Title: The Influence of Al Jazeera and TF1 on the Voting Behaviour of French from North African Origins during the 2007 Presidential Elections Institution: Université Stendhal Grenoble 3 Country: France Date: 2011 Language: French Abstract: This study aims to explore the variables linked to modern information and communication technologies that played a significant role in the 2007 presidential vote of French citizens of North African origin. By studying the content of the evening newscasts of two television channels as different as TF1 and Al Jazeera during the official campaign (April 9th-May 5th), the study attempts to explain how voters reacted to the electoral choices presented by these two channels. Based on the assumption that, during electoral campaigns, television channels contribute to explaining the significance of the election and the competing parties, and helps the voters reach an informed electoral choice, the study analyzes the political preferences of French voters of North African ancestry as expressed in electoral behavior. Another assumption of the study is that messages promulgated by the examined channels, as well as personal contacts are also useful in widening the sphere of political deliberation. The study‚Äôs investigation starts from the basis of social, economic and cultural contexts, aiming to reach maximum representation of the examined sample and to be considerate to all sensitivities of the phenomenon.


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