Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

89. Name: Mohammed Al Hafiz Title: Mass Media and the Evolution of Arabic Language: Al Jazeera as a Case Study Institution: University of Moulay Ismail Country: Morocco Date: 2012 Language: Arabic Abstract: This research aims to identify the characteristics and asses the levels of Arab language used in news media. The research focuses on Al Jazeera satellite channel as a case study. Al Jazeera is a leading channel and the most influential media network in the Arab world not only in terms of shaping public opinion and general political trends but also in influencing the language usages and competencies among the Arab public. The standard Arabic language used by Al Jazeera is omnipresent across cultural and political debates and is an aspect of revolt against discourses emphasizing the use of dialects. The researcher tries to trace the editing stages at Al Jazeera in order to identify the general editorial and technical features of the channel as well as language checking and scenario writing. He presents the views of those involved at different levels of editing and language checking processes within the channel in order to improve Arabic language in form and content. This endeavor aims at creating a professional and technical language system that could be applied to specific programmes and targeted at specific audiences.


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