Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

90. Name: Mohammed Al Shahri Title: Post-Arab Ideology: A Study of Al Jazeera’s Cultural and Intellectual Programmes Institution: University of Tunis Country: Tunisia Date: 2012 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study provides an assessment of the current state of Arab awareness to see if it has penetrated the post-ideology era. To answer this question, the researcher analyzes a sample of Al Jazeera’s programmes, which deal with cultural and intellectual topics. Al Jazeera has always been at the center of ongoing controversy regarding its editorial policy and the content it presents. Viewers’ perceptions of the channel are diverse and continuously changing. Some consider it the channel of clergy; others see it as the channels of Arab liberals. These different and sometimes opposed perceptions give this investigation more relevance and justifies it central line of inquiry as to whether Al Jazeera is ideological or anti- ideological, whether it devotes its influence to a particular intellectual trend as opposed to others in the Arab world or it is a mosaic of trends, searching for controversy without substantial cultural content. The study concludes that Al Jazeera is not a political party reaching out to a certain class or audience like those of Arab intellectuals in the sixties and seventies, but rather a technocratic media power addressing everyone.


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