Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

92. Name: Musa Al Idrisi Title: The Position of Competences in the Department of Human Resource Management at Al Jazeera Satellite Channel Institution: University of Muhammad V Country: Morocco Date: 2012 Language: Arabic Abstract: Studies on Al Jazeera mostly focus on the media and political dimension of the channel. They rarely address issues of governance and management. This study examines the professional practices within the network in terms of staff performance, internal management and the different functions carried out from an institutional perspective. In so doing, the study covers an important aspect that has been overlooked in previous studies. It addresses the reasons for Al Jazeera’s success and distinction in its field. The basic assumption is that such success cannot be regarded as a matter of coincidence, but rather as the result of relentless efforts based on the consideration of certain professional requirements such as quality, excellent performance and effectiveness. These characteristics can only be ascertained through careful employment of human resource management, which is the most obvious indicator of the success or failure of any institution. The performance of human resource management and the mechanisms used by this department are key elements in this regard. The researcher examines the process of human resource management at Al Jazeera and delves into the working system of the department.


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