Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

93. Name: Ezzeddine Abdelmoula Title: Al Jazeera’s Democratizing Role and the Rise of Arab Public Sphere Institution: University of Exeter Country: United Kingdom Date: 2012 Language: English Abstract: The emergence of Arab satellite television over the last two decades has considerably changed the way the audience receives information and interacts with the media. The phenomenal success of Al Jazeera in particular has altered the way the Arab world depicts itself and perceives local, regional and world events. With more and more people turning to satellite television channels like Al Jazeera to freely participate in public discussion, Arab media paved the way for the a new communicative space. The transformative role of Al Jazeera and its impact on the political culture and discourse in the Arab world is undeniable. However, the nature and scope of this role remain problematic. The aim of this research is to analyze Al Jazeera’s democratizing effects and examine the political implications of its journalism. The key assumption of the study is that Al Jazeera, by constructing an intellectual framework for plurality, diversity and mutual recognition, gives coherence to democratic efforts in the region. This research is a contribution to the current debate on the role of Al Jazeera and its contribution to the democratization of the region.


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