Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

113. Name: Meltem Ersoy Title: Media-International Relations Interaction in Conflict Processes: An Examination of Al Jazeera English in the Context of the Iraq War Institution: Marmara University Country: Turkey Date: 2013 Language: Turkish Abstract: This study investigates how the media interacts with politics and international relations, focusing on the case of Al Jazeera English website and the Iraq war. The study adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, combining the media effects with the dynamics of politics and international relations. The investigation goes beyond the theoretical discussions to analyze the developments of the war and the ways in which the media covered them. The research aims to identify the role of the media in conflict situations to see whether this influential factor helps diffuse or contributes to intensify their processes. The researcher selected Al Jazeera English to understand its editorial policy in covering this war and examine its relationship with the Qatari foreign policy. The field part of this investigation was conducted at Al Jazeera Arabic newsroom between 2003 and 2006. In addition to the observation methodology, the study used interviews and analyzed the content of Al Jazeera English website. The findings showed that the website used violent images in covering the Iraq war. Although this policy attracted audiences, who generally accepted it, it was also considered disturbing by others.


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